Is Gregg Leakes dying? NeNe Leakes says husband is ‘transitioning to the other side’ as he battles cancer

NeNe and Gregg Leakes on RHOA
RHOA fans are concerned about Gregg Leakes after NeNe’s announcement. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans are really worried about Gregg Leakes after NeNe revealed that her husband was “transitioning to the other side” while addressing the crowd at The Linnethia Lounge over the weekend.

The shocking RHOA news was shared via Twitter with a recording of the former Bravo star when she took aim at a member of the audience.

Apparently, as she and her son entered the Atlanta lounge, someone in the crowd told NeNe that it was their birthday, hoping the former RHOA star would wish them a happy birthday in front of the crowd.

And even after telling NeNe how rude they thought she was, she still gave those birthday wishes and then explained why she wasn’t in a festive mood.

NeNe Leakes shares heartbreaking news about husband Gregg

After she did take the mic, NeNe acknowledged that she didn’t expect to be speaking in front of the crowd that night. Then, she revealed, “My husband is transitioning to the other side.”

After sharing the upsetting news with the crowd, NeNe took her fan to task, explaining, “You don’t know what we’re dealing with right now. We walked in this lounge because we had to walk in this lounge because this is our business. So, when people approach and say, ‘you’re rude because you don’t want to say happy birthday,’ my husband is at home dying. I don’t want to say ‘happy birthday.'”

Gregg Leakes’ cancer battle

Back in June, NeNe revealed that Gregg Leakes’ cancer had returned. At the time, she shared the health update when she went live on Instagram with The Jasmine Brand, telling viewers, “He’s in the hospital. He’s been in the hospital, tomorrow it’ll be a week.”

She continued, “I’m sure he’ll be home in about a week or so. He had to have a surgery, his cancer did return.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans have been hoping for the best for Gregg, who was first diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer back in 2018. He went into remission after treatment the first time around.

NeNe also explained that the surgery he had in June was similar to a previous surgery, one that put him in the hospital “for about 15 days.”

Also during the Instagram Live, NeNe asked her followers to pray for Gregg.

“I’d love for everybody to pray for Gregg, that would be beautiful. Pray for his strength,” NeNe said. “And pray for me too.”

NeNe’s announcement at The Linnethia Lounge is the most current update that RHOA fans have received about Gregg Leakes’ health and it doesn’t look to be a good one. Our thoughts are with the Leakes family.

Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently on hiatus.

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