Is Below Deck scripted? Eddie Lucas sets the record straight

Eddie Lucas on Below Deck
Eddie spills some Below Deck tea. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum Eddie Lucas has set the record straight on whether the hit-yachting show is scripted or not.

The one question cast members from all of the Below Deck shows get asked all the time is if the show is scripted.

In the world of reality television, the question is legit as so many shows are not the reality that fans may think.

Eddie was part of the Below Deck world for five seasons before he announced last spring that he was not asked back for Season 10.

This week Eddie opened up about his latest career milestone of becoming a captain of the Lynne Moran tugboat in Baltimore and what life has been like since he was on TV.

During his chat with The Baltimore Banner, Eddie also answered some burning questions about his time on Below Deck, including just how real the show is.

Is Below Deck scripted?

When speaking with the website, Eddie was, of course, asked about the show’s authenticity. Eddie shared that is the number one question he’s asked during interviews.

Below Deck, unlike a lot of other reality TV shows like Real Housewives, does have the crew performing a job. From that aspect, Eddie admitted the show’s real because of the work and guests.

However, that doesn’t mean that some situations aren’t facilitated.

“It’s not scripted, but it’s facilitated. The drama is facilitated in a lot of ways,” he expressed. “We’re talking about lack of sleep, the crewing, you know, they go really in depth about the personalities of each crew member and how these crew members are going to be playing off each other.”

Eddie explains all cast members go through rigorous interviews that include background checks and psychological testing, so producers know their characteristics very well by the time filming begins.

“They’re not stupid. They understand how this Type A personality is not going to get along with this other Type A personality, so let’s take this personality and make sure they’re working together,” Eddie spilled to the outlet.

The now captain dished that producers know who to put together to bring the drama each and every season.

Eddie Lucas weighs in on reality TV charter guests versus real charter guests

Along with answering if the show is scripted, Eddie also shared his thoughts on what makes reality TV charter guests different from those in the yachting world.

Putting it simply, Eddie shared that the guests on the show get a discount. In turn, they are expected to be entertaining for television purposes. In the yachting world, most guests come aboard a luxury yacht to relax and chill. They don’t want so many parties or excursions.

Eddie was also asked if he felt that exploitation was necessary to make good reality television. It turns out he feels like it is to an extent, but because a bunch of people who got along all the time would be boring.

Reality television doesn’t seem to be something Eddie Lucas has to worry about these days. Eddie’s focused on his new career and living his best life in Baltimore.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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