Ingenuine, ingenuity, inguinity? Jordan gets confused on The Bachelorette

Jordan Kimball
Jordan Kimball in his promotional photo for The Bachelorette

Jordan Kimball, the male model from The Bachelorette, seems to be making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

While he would like to be known for his good looks, his self-defined impeccable hair, and his career as a Wilhelmina model, it sounds like Becca Kufrin might well see straight through him.

Fellow contestant David Ravitz is definitely seeing straight through Jordan, as the two got into a heated argument during last night’s episode.

Jordan felt that he could get Becca’s attention during the cocktail party by stripping down to his boxers. He walked around, claiming to feel super confident.

However, his fellow The Bachelorette co-stars found him obnoxious and David decided to voice his opinions. In the argument, David stuttered that he wasn’t genuine towards Becca, but his stuttering made him look insecure.

Jordan, who seemed to think this was an opportunity to sound smart, jumped on David, telling him that Ravitz was the one who was “in-genuine-titty.”

As he said something that wasn’t a word, fans were curious as to what he was trying to say. It sounds like he was trying to say, “disingenuous,” which means not being candid or sincere.

However, a long list of words surfaced, such as “ingenuine”, ingenuity, and “inguinity”. Ingenuity is a word, but it means, “the quality of being clever, original, and inventive.”

While Jordan is definitely entertaining in some capacity, it’s clear that viewers are getting tired of him. Perhaps Becca is just keeping him around because producers are asking her to do so?

After their one-on-one conversation during last night’s episode, Becca was told that Jordan really wants a little son named Jordie, named after him. He also listed other things he wanted, rather than asking Becca what she wanted in life.

What do you think about Jordan after the fight with David? Were you just as confused as everyone else?

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