Hunter Montgomery shares ‘leprechaun’ picture of himself as a kid, addresses Aaron Clancy jokes

Hunter Montgomery The Bachelorette
Hunter is in on the joke Aaron made. Pic credit: ABC

Hunter Montgomery may be in Bachelorette star Katie Thurston’s rearview, but he is still popping up in Bachelor Nation, most recently as a leprechaun on a toilet.

Hunter took a lot of ribbing about a lot of things, but the one joke in which Aaron Clancy compares him to a leprechaun is sticking around for a bit longer. Unfortunately, there were plenty of jokes made on both the show and social media about this height.

Surprisingly, Hunter is in on the “short” jokes

To Hunter’s credit, and somewhat antithetical to his persona on the show, he is being a really good sport about it and just leaned into the joke. He posted a childhood photo of him dressed as a leprechaun on the toilet.

He addressed the short video directly to his former castmate, Aaron. The tone was pretty good-natured, and he didn’t seem to be too wounded about the whole matter. Although, he did include in the hashtag #meangirls.

He captioned the video, “Hey @aaronrclancy, my mom wanted you to have this. it’s very sentimental. Love ya brother. #thebachelorette #bachelornation #leprechaun #meangirls”

It’s a real shame that Hunter got dragged so heavily for his height when there were so many other things about him that needed addressing.

Hunter’s height was the least of his troubles on his season

Hunter’s big personality caused rifts between him and the other men, and his agro display at the team date in an earlier episode alienated him even further.

The final nail in Hunter’s coffin came after he revealed himself as a bit of a superfan, and (wrongly) characterized himself as one of the front runners. Once he was relegated to the “here for the wrong reasons” crowd, Katie didn’t waste any time sending him packing.

The men sort of rallied against Hunter, presenting Katie with what they thought was some pretty obvious evidence that he wasn’t there for Katie.

Hunter’s dismissal was one in a string of quick-fire eliminations surrounding rumors that some of the men were taking advantage of their time on the show for clout or to parlay it into a run for The Bachelor.

In fact, his departure was one of the most drama-filled of the season, causing Katie to vomit on their group date. Although he had received a rose the week before, Katie’s conversations with the other men led to Hunter’s end.

Although he didn’t win too many hearts on The Bachelorette, he would have made an excellent addition to Bachelor in Paradise. Sadly, of all the men from Katie’s season heading to Paradise, Hunter isn’t among them, but they’re the ones who are going will bring lots of fun to the beach.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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