Hunter Haag thanks Bachelor Nation for their support after sharing about her toxic relationship

Hunter Haag
Hunter Haag got vulnerable about her past during a group date on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 recently featured an emotional group date that led to lots of tears and vulnerable confessions. 

On a group date that The Bachelor viewers have deemed “trauma bonding” the ladies sat in a circle and were encouraged by The Bachelorette cohost Kaitlyn Bristowe to open up about their past wounds from previous relationships. 

One of the standout stories from the circle came from contestant Hunter Haag, who divulged details about her toxic relationship where a man continually pushed her to change herself physically and still cheated on her. 

After sharing her heartbreaking story on national television, Bachelor Nation showed her an outpouring of love and support and Hunter wrote a heartfelt message to express her gratitude. 

Hunter Haag bravely shared her story despite being terrified 

Hunter took to Instagram to share a photo of herself holding a red rose and write a message to those impacted by the story she shared on the controversial group date.

Hunter began her caption by writing, “Thank you all for making me feel so loved, supported, and validated during last night’s episode of [The Bachelor]. This was a topic I have vocalized to VERY few people in my life, so it was extremely difficult to share in the vulnerability circle. Then, just like that, I shared a glimpse of my story with America (which was truly terrifying while I was watching) but turned out to be so rewarding.”

Hunter also revealed that many people were relating to her story and feeling less alone writing, “I have been reading all of your stories- so many of you have experienced the same feelings of not being enough, thinking your feelings aren’t valid or ‘crazy,’ wanting to change yourself for someone else, the list goes on.”

Hunter Haag shares what she’s learned after her 7-year toxic relationship 

Hunter offered up affirmations and words of encouragement as her caption went on saying, “It is hard to see light at the end of the tunnel while in- or recovering from- a toxic, abusive relationship, but there is. If you are or were in a relationship similar to the one I was in for 7 years, just know you ARE worthy of love, you ARE beautiful exactly how you are, and you should never need to change for a significant other.” 

Hunter continued, “I encourage you to be vulnerable, it might feel like weakness at first but turns into complete strength which leads to healing. Share how you’re feeling with the ones who love you the most. Don’t hide your emotions or experiences that you’re going through from people who can help you.” 

Finally, Hunter concluded her motivating message by writing, “You are loved and certainly NOT alone.” 

Amidst all the pettiness on display during this season of The Bachelor, it’s refreshing to see Hunter add some depth and vulnerably share her heart. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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