Hunter Haag talks about ‘humbling’ rejection after BIP elimination 

Hunter Haag
Hunter Haag had a brief stint on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Pic credit: @hunterchaag/Instagram

Hunter Haag had to say her goodbyes after being eliminated from Bachelor in Paradise. 

The Bachelor Nation star also shared a post to commemorate her experience on the show. 

In her post, Hunter chose to find the positives in rejection. 

She was rejected by The Bachelorette Season 19 star Johnny DePhillipo when he switched his interest to Victoria Fuller seemingly last minute. 

Hunter thought she had a secure enough connection to receive Johnny’s rose, however, Victoria pulled Johnny aside before the rose ceremony for a flirty chat and make-out session.

Johnny then gave his rose to Victoria, giving Hunter the boot. 

Hunter Haag says ‘rejection is redirection’ 

Hunter took to Instagram to share her first post after being eliminated. 

In the post, Hunter shared three photos posing in colorful attire on the island with costars Genevieve Parisi and Serene Russell. 

Hunter wrote, “WOO that’ll do it, there is nothing more humbling than last minute rejection on national television (which…no comment on that lmfao).” 

Hunter continued by sharing that she’s thankful for her brief time in paradise and the time she got to spend with her best friends. 

She also shared she “will be grateful for the growth I will experience from putting myself out there *again* and being as vulnerable as possible. Rejection is redirection.”

The Bachelor Nation beauty also teased that she’s on the market for a man that will look at her in the same adoring way she looks at her friend and costar Genevieve. 

Hunter Haag receives Bachelor Nation stars’ support 

Hunter’s post was met with encouraging comments from Bachelor Nation stars. 

The Bachelorette Season 19 co-lead Rachel Recchia assured Hunter that she’s beautiful and will find love, adding, “so proud of you for putting your heart out there.” 

The Bachelorette Season 17 star Brendan Quinn commented, ‘You did great Huntsy!” 

Jill Chin, who survived the first BIP rose ceremony by accepting a rose from Romeo Alexander, expressed her love for Hunter and her confidence that amazing things are in Hunter’s future. Jill also exclaimed, “JUSTICE FOR MY BABY!!!” 

Hunter Haag's Instagram comment section
Pic credit: @hunterchaag/Instagram

The Bachelor Season 26 stars Kate Gallivan and Mara Agrait commented, with Kate writing, ‘I’ll look at you like that! You’re perfect.”

Mara shared, “You’re a catch and a half! The man that gets you is the luckiest.” 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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