Hunter Haag is showing off her Super Bowl style while reuniting with Bachelor Nation

Hunter Haag
Hunter Haag reunites with some Bachelor Nation favorites. Pic credit: @hunterchaag/Instagram

Hunter Haag put her best fashion foot forward as she reunited with some fellow castmates from Bachelor in Paradise.

Hunter, 30, first appeared on Season 26 of The Bachelor, later making an appearance on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Although her time on the beach was short-lived, Hunter has still made a splash in the franchise, currently keeping her many followers up to date on all her latest looks.

On Monday, the former contestant took to Instagram with a carousel post to show that she had reunited with a few other fan favorites from the show.

Starting the post off strong, Hunter posed in the mirror of a public bathroom to show off her trendy outfit, which included a green, strappy bathing suit at the base.

She rocked a pair of unopened blue jeans overtop, along with a blue fanny pack and a dual-toned Varsity bomber jacket.

While her unique outfit may have surely stolen the show, a few swipes over showed some familiar faces in the franchise — which was surely enough to warm the hearts of Bachelor Nation.

Hunter Haag reunites with fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestants

The second photo showed Hunter standing next to Logan Palmer, who fans will remember watching on Bachelor in Paradise, as he attempted a relationship with Kate Gallivan.

She cuddled up to Rodney Mathews next, who many fans even wished to see as the next Bachelor.

Last were Jacob Rapini and Andrew Spencer, who each spent a lengthy amount of time on the show as they attempted to find their match. However, both left the beach single — although Jacob ended up rekindling his flame with Jill Chin post-show.

However, that flame died out again shortly after.

As for Hunter, the blonde beauty shared another video of her strappy look as she walked toward a wall mirror with an empty wine glass in her hand.

“Good on my own,” she wrote as she tagged her location, Scottsdale, and lip-synced to Needed Me by Rihanna.

Appropriate, being that Rihanna was the showstopping performer during this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.

While Hunter may be known for her fashion choices these days, some viewers may remember her most for being open about having irritable bowel syndrome on the show.

Bachelor in Paradise producers even threw rolls of toilet paper at her during the intro segment, making light of Hunter and her willingness to discuss her “stomach issues.”

While Hunter has surely struggled, she has also been able to turn it around and help her fans who may experience similar issues.

Hunter Haag partners with JSHealth Vitamins after Bachelor in Paradise

In a recent TikTok video, Hunter joked about the fact that she “exploited herself on national television” when she talked about her IBS on the show.

“Of course I joke about it a lot but it really is truly awful,” she said. “You guys know, if you have IBS, the symptoms are unbearable sometimes.”

However, Hunter claimed that JS Health vitamins have been able to get to the “root of the problem” and truly help her on her digestive journey.

Hunter labeled the vitamins, specifically the IBS Relief Plus supplements, as her true “solution.”


I found us a solution y’all🥲 @JSHealthVitamins Use code: HUNTER15 #jshealth #jshealthvitamins #ibs #irratablebowelsyndromeawareness

♬ original sound – Hunter

“I’m not even kidding, my life is totally different since I started taking these vitamins,” the former contestant explained, saying she hasn’t had a flare-up since taking them.

Hunter even said that the peppermint oil in the supplements makes them “pleasant to take.”

To get others on board with JS Health vitamins, she offered her followers a discount code to score them 15% off their purchase.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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