How old is Peter on The Bachelorette?

Peter Weber on The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber had the perfect hometown date with Hannah B. He wanted to show her around Westlake Village, California where he grew up and where he is currently living.

But he also wanted to show Hannah one of his biggest passions — flying.

In a two-seater plane, Peter took her above the clouds and showed her his hometown from above. But when Peter took her home to her parents, fans quickly questioned why Peter was living with his parents.

And that made people question just how old he is. According to his ABC bio, Peter Weber from The Bachelorette is 27 years old. He has his own expensive car as seen during the episode. He works as a pilot and that’s a profession that runs in his family.

His parents met when Peter’s father was a pilot and his mother was a flight attendant. And even his brother, who was also on the show tonight, is a pilot.

His name is Jack and it appears that viewers want to know if he’s single.

As it turns out, he goes by the name @jettinjack on Instagram and he’s just as good looking as Peter. But Peter is clearly the hopeless romantic of the two. No word on whether Jettin’ Jack is single though.

Peter is starting to become a fan favorite, so his name is definitely on the table if Hannah doesn’t pick him.

He could either be shipped off to Mexico in hopes of finding love with someone on Bachelor In Paradise, or ABC could offer him to become the next Bachelor.

But for now, Peter remains hopeful on The Bachelorette and he remains hopeful that Hannah will be the woman for him.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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