How old is Kendra Caldwell on Counting On?

Joseph and Kendra in a Counting On confessional
Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar have been married for 18 months. Pic credit: TLC

Kendra Caldwell has been a part of the Duggar family for a little over two years. She had known the family for quite some time through church functions and being friendly with the Duggar girls. When Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo in 2016, that was the first time she was linked to Joseph Duggar.

The couple became engaged at Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s wedding reception and walked down the aisle on September 8, 2017. As they approach their new life together, Kendra Caldwell has come out of her quiet and reserved shell.

How old is Kendra Caldwell?

Born on August 11, 1998, Kendra Caldwell is currently 20 years old. There were some whispers about her age when the courtship with Joseph Duggar was announced. Kendra was still a young girl, just making it into adulthood. Now, she is a mother and a wife.

Kendra is the oldest of seven siblings. As the firstborn, she helped her mother with her siblings.

The Caldwell family spent time in Virginia before moving to Arkansas, which would eventually lead Kendra to her spouse.

What are the future plans for Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar?

Adjusting to marriage and motherhood have been Kendra Caldwell’s focus for the majority of her time in the Duggar family. After her marriage to Joseph Duggar, two more weddings happened, and their family grew.

Her first child will be celebrating his first birthday in a few months, and already there is some buzz about when Kendra will get pregnant again. They have talked about wanting a big family, and many of the Duggar siblings already have two or more children.

Viewers will be seeing more of Kendra Caldwell on Counting On as this season plays out. They will also get a glimpse at how she does with motherhood with Joseph Duggar by her side.

Counting On airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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