How old is Jackie Christie from Basketball Wives?

Jackie Christie on Basketball Wives
Jackie Christie announces Season 7 of Basketball Wives

Even before Basketball Wives, Jackie Christie was well known among basketball fans. She was a staple on the NBA circuit for decades as rumors about Jackie’s antics followed Doug Christie no matter what team he played on.

With Jackie’s latest emotional moment on the most recent episode of the VH1 series, it’s not surprising that viewers are asking how old Jackie Christie is.

Both Tami Roman and Jackie Christie are believed to be 48 years old — although it was claimed on Basketball Wives last year that Jackie is actually four years older than the age generally attributed to her online.

Jackie celebrates her birthday on July 7, which means she will turn 49 before Tami. So either way, that makes Jackie the oldest cast member on Basketball Wives.

That may be hard to believe for some viewers, considering that Jackie often acts the youngest and is always in the middle of the drama.  She’s still butting heads with Evelyn Lozada over her support of Jackie’s grandson last year after her daughter Ta’Kari’s friend posted a GoFundMe on her behalf after the little boy was badly burned.

Jackie has two other children besides Ta’Kari. Her daughter Chantel has made numerous Basketball Wives appearances and is very close with her mother. She recently gave birth to her own child, which again stirred up plenty of drama when Jackie went over the top to celebrate the arrival of Chantel’s child.

Jackie and Chantel also managed to stir the pot in the most dramatic way a couple of seasons ago when the show was still running as Basketball Wives LA. The mother-daughter duo caused quite a bit of drama for co-star Draya Michele after Chantel claimed that Draya’s man, Orlando Scandrick, was trying to creep into her DMs and was trying to hang out with her.

Chantel ultimately admitted that she made the whole thing up. Draya ended up leaving the show after all of the drama and Chantel’s appearances have been much more limited ever since.

Then there is Jackie’s son, Douglas Christie Jr. who is only 17-years old. While Jackie has talked about her son on the show and shares photos of him from time to time, Doug Jr. mostly has stayed out of the limelight.

Jackie Christie began her rise to fame back in 1996 when she married Doug Christie. Those who follow the Basketball Wives star know about Jackie and Doug’s quirky wedding anniversary tradition. The two get married again every single year.

If you think Jackie and Doug’s annual weddings are over-the-top, just wait until next year. Jackie Christie will be 50 years old and we’re just calling it now — that birthday party is going to be huge!

Basketball Wives airs at 9/8C on VH1.

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