How did Kody Brown react to his ex-wife Christine marrying David Woolley? Here’s what we know

Kody’s first ex-wife, Christine, is officially a married woman. Pic credit: Discovery+

Somewhere in Flagstaff, Arizona, we imagine Kody Brown is complaining about the pain in his kidney.

Sister Wives viewers watched last season as Kody expressed his outrage toward Christine, exclaiming, “Man, just the knife in the kidneys over all these years! The sacrifices I’ve made to love you. Wasted!”

And now that Christine has moved on from Kody and is a married woman once again, Kody is likely reciting his infamous lines to himself and Robyn.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Christine wed David Woolley at the Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah, over the weekend.

Christine admitted that the ceremony was like a “fairytale,” complete with a reception tent decorated with twinkling lights and an autumn-themed color scheme.

Now that Christine is officially Mrs. Woolley, we can’t help but wonder: how did Kody react to his ex-wife’s happy news?

Is Kody Brown sulking over the news that Christine is married to David Woolley?

Kody hasn’t been active on social media in quite some time, and we doubt he’s going to break his hiatus to congratulate his ex on her marriage.

But Kody’s previous behavior should tell us enough about his reaction to Christine and David saying, “I do.”

Kody made it clear that he wasn’t happy about Christine moving on with David

When the news broke that Christine and David were engaged, Kody reportedly felt it was all a “stunt for TLC to get David on a contract, so he and Christine are relevant.”

A source close to Kody told The Sun that the Sister Wives patriarch felt that Christine and David getting hitched was “a way of her kind of one-upping him and mocking him” and felt that “this is all for publicity and to get back at him.”

Seeing how happy Christine and David are together, we doubt that their relationship was simply a revenge tactic.

Kody made it clear during Season 17 that he feared any man Christine dated would get “greedy” and try and get a piece of his money, too.

Kody also didn’t like the idea of David spending time with his and Christine’s youngest child, daughter Truely, calling it “inappropriate.” But now that David is her stepdad, Kody doesn’t have much say in the matter.

As far as Sister Wives fans are concerned, Kody and Robyn are likely sitting around moping upon hearing the news.

On Reddit, they theorized how they think Kody and Robyn are handling Christine’s momentous occasion.

Sister Wives viewers speculate that Kody and Robyn Brown are moping in Flagstaff

“I think he really wanted her to be miserable without him. He didn’t want her, but he sure as hell didn’t want her beautiful and happy and thriving with someone else. He’s a petty little man like that,” wrote one Redditor.

“I think he and/or Robyn will make cracks about it being a fake or cheap version of real marriage, like Robyn did about the holidays,” the Sister Wives viewer added.

sister wives fans on reddit discuss kody brown's reaction to christine's marriage to david woolley
Sister Wives viewers shared their predictions about Kody’s reaction to Christine’s marriage to David. Pic credit: u/gracemary25/Reddit

Another wrote that Kody likely “resents” that Christine is getting more attention than him and is “fretting that she might have gotten a bump in pay from TLC.”

“And it’s going to drive Robyn even more insane when she sees pictures of ‘her’ family dancing and celebrating with Christine,” commented another Redditor.

One of Kody’s critics speculated that he’s “really upset that Christine is happy,” adding, “I wouldn’t want to be Robyn right now.”

We may not find out Kody’s reaction to Christine and David’s wedding until a later season of Sister Wives airs down the road, but until then, we’re guessing he’s punching the air, trying to figure out what went wrong.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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no name
no name
4 months ago

There should never be another season of Sister Wives. Those who watch this are just making Kody more money. There are no sister wife’s anymore, it shouldn’t even be on now. Kody is not a good husband, or even a good man.

4 months ago

Kody is Full of himself, he needs to feel like hes above and ahead of everything happening.. the head of his household. But his household is falling apart, and he sees & knows it. Yes its goading him, not just Christines wedding & happiness, hes losing face, hes humiliated. Its all taking a toll on him. If he hadn’t turned into a jerk so many times, a person would feel sorry for him. Plural marriage used to be large families which were created to help each other out of survival, not so much out of love and intimacy.. survival and procreation, as the children grew up to help the family unit also. But in these modern times just as plural marriage is mostly against the law now, so is the foundation of the plural family. Its not the same as it was in bygone years. Kody, with his wives all with different and empowering personalities, well its not like the olden days, there was bound to be mutiny, even if one at a time, its still the same, his foundation is falling. I’m surprised Meri isn’t leaving also. Not because she thinks he did right by his wives, but because there is no more Plural family unit, only them. Its not ever going to be the same anymore.