Homestead Rescue exclusive: Apocalyptic scenario awaits Raneys at Mount Kilauea, Hawaii

An apocalyptic view all around as the Raneys take in the devastation of Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii. Pic credit: Discovery

It’s looking like the end of the world for the Raney clan on Homestead Rescue. On Thursday night’s edition of Discovery’s Homestead Rescue, we head 2,500 miles to meet Drew and Katie Daniels on the big island of Hawaii.

Their beautiful homestead burned up in a lava flow in 2018 as Mt. Kilauea erupted, spewing rivers of lava in every direction. Over 90 percent of their property and homestead is under lava rock. How do you fix that?

The couple has a daughter and is distraught that their idyll has been forever destroyed by mother nature.

What happens on Homestead Rescue?

We open our exclusive clip with Misty, Marty, and Matt Raney — who have driven over to the Daniels’ homestead.

All around them is smoldering black coal-like lava rock, steam rising up, and for miles, the eye can only see black and no greenery or signs of life.

And for a homesteader who relies on produce and water from their own land, this is an unmitigated disaster.

The Raney family has traveled 2,500 miles across the Pacific, coming to the Big Island of Hawaii.

They are responding to a new homesteader in crisis who has reached out to them. What they see, immediately, is that the natural beauty of the Big Island is matched only by the dangers that lie beneath the surface. It is home to Mount Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes on the planet.

The Hawaiian locals know all too well the unstoppable destruction caused by molten lava flows and the explosive belching of the volcano on the island. The unpredictable nature of the volcano is something woven into the culture and the lore of the ancient Hawaiian peoples.

But now, with mainlanders coming over and homesteading in the path of devastation, these newer folks are being introduced to the mercurial nature of an active volcano. You will see that the Daniels family is at their last tether and they need immediate help.

Misty Raney opens the clip in disbelief and says to Marty and Matt: “You’ve got to be kidding me… this is like end of the world kind of stuff. Last year 700 homes were lost from Mount Kilauea. 700!”

Looking around and pretty awed by the destruction, Marty says: “This is a pretty sobering thing.”

Watch as the Daniels explain the events that ended their normal everyday life.

The exclusive clip of Homestead Rescue

The Raneys put their ingenuity to the test on the Daniels’ homestead in Hawaii — which was steamrolled by molten lava and was destroyed by the 20-foot thick lava flow.

First, they must somehow bring life back to the property. Then, they must figure out how to make the living structures mobile in case of another eruption — a highly likely event.

Homestead Rescue airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on Discovery Channel.

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Roberta Roberts
Roberta Roberts
4 years ago

Marty built them a flush outhouse but didn’t say where the waste went. Did they install a septic system?