Homestead Rescue exclusive: An Idaho house of cards will not stand for Marty Raney

Marty Raney is in Idaho this week, and he has a house of cards to fix. Pic ctedit: Discovery
Homestead Rescue star Marty Raney is in Idaho this week, and he has a house of cards to fix. Pic credit: Discovery

On tonight’s Homestead Rescue, Marty, Misty, and Matt Raney head to the Gem State of Idaho.

The homesteaders have what is best described as a “house of cards.” Marty, shaking his head, confers with his two kids, Matt and Misty, on how to solve the issues

It appears this family made their home above the foothills and into one of the many mountain ranges crisscrossed with rivers, natural hot springs, and creeks that define the scenic and wild Idaho landscape.

The Jackson family suffers from a cabin on the verge of collapse due to wild walls that are precarious at best. And they have constant predator threats thanks to their flock of 100 chickens.

The Raneys use brand new ingenuity to make the cabin livable, protect the flock, and create a valuable income source, so these Idahoans stand a chance out there in the wilds.

What happens tonight on Homestead Rescue

Looking on in disbelief, Marty describes this not-to-code Idaho manse in the woods to his kids, Misty and Matt.

He says: “You’re not gonna believe the condition of that cabin. It’s got four sides, right? Then every one of them is leaning in a different direction if that’s possible. It might defy all physics.

“Once it’s structurally safe, we will put a metal roof on it in seven days, which, by the way, would be a modern-day miracle.”

Misty, Matt, and Marty give the homesteaders the download.

Marty tells the family: “Okay, guys, there’s a lot of things that have to happen here, and you’re going into winter…”

They agree and reply in the affirmative.

Adding her expertise, Misty says: “You have a lot of birds, it would be amazing to just revamp that whole situation, and it’s just bringing in some income, which I think is doable.”

Chiming in, Matt says: “I’m gonna really make sure that it’s really hard for those animals to disappear, so I’m gonna show [son] Bailey some skills to help him protect the homestead.

“And it’d be really good to sort of do like a circle of life, getting meat chickens out here processing those animals and then making a place where you can actually do that.”

Explaining the game plan, Marty says: “We’re gonna try to resurrect a cabin on its last leg. If I can pull this off, it’ll be the ultimate homestead hack.

“We’re going to do a never been done before fix with the structural. It’s gonna look crazy, and it’s gonna get crazy. This old rickety shaky cabin is like a house of cards, and the deck is stacked against me.”

Exclusive preview of Homestead Rescue:

Watch as the Raneys give this family in Idaho some hope they can salvage their homestead and make money from their chicken business:

Homestead Rescue airs on Thursday at 8pm on Discovery.

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