Holly Scarfone sizzles in sexy sleepwear to sing for her fans

Holly Scarfone in Pajamas
Holly Scarfone looked gorgeous in silk pajamas. Pic credit: @hollyscarfone/Instagram

Holly Scarfone was feeling lonely in her latest video. She was singing the song, Shut Up My Moms Is Calling and serenading her fans.  

The Too Hot to Handle star appeared to be behind the scenes of a photoshoot, and she looked absolutely breathtaking. She wore a white silk camisole that was lined with lace along the neckline. The reality star went for a braless look, to make sure no undergarments appeared through the shirt.  

She paired it with blue silk shorts. The shorts were adorned in a floral pattern and were cut high along her thig to show off her toned legs.  

Her makeup looked effortlessly glamorous. She wore a beige cut crease eyeshadow and nude pink lips. 

The raven-haired beauty let her hair down in a center part, to give an effortless casual look.   

She kept the accessories simple and wore pearl earrings to add to her delicate look. 

Holly Scarfone revealed her beauty routine for Too Hot to Handle 

When appearing on the hit reality show, Too Hot to Handle, having a beauty routine became a lot harder than the girls expected. When interviewing with Narcity, Holly explained that they didn’t have a lot of time to get ready, so they had to make everything count.  

“We had 30 minutes to get ready, and we all had to share one shower,” Holly explained. “I genuinely had, like, 10 minutes to get ready each day. […] When I want[ed] to do my makeup I had to just throw it on. So it was a little bit of a challenge. 

 An added challenge was not having a space to get ready, since the girls shared a communal living situation.  

“It’s crazy, because we all shared one room. So, you know, our makeup would be everywhere. And we have to go do something and, ‘I can’t find my hair’, and, ‘I can’t find this’, and, ‘where’s my Booby Tape?’ So, I didn’t feel like I had myself put together but, I mean, it was wonderful.” 

Holly Scarfone celebrates her style in Forever 21 

Holly was spotted modeling Forever 21, looking chic as ever. She had on a high neck mini dress, that sported a black and white marble pattern. She paired it with black leather boots that stopped right under her knees.  

She accessorized her outfit with a black handbag, gold earrings, bracelets, and a white watch.  

Holly pulled her dark hair back into a low ponytail.

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