Here’s why viewers think Debbie Aguero is the smartest woman in 90 Day Fiance franchise history

Debbie Aguero IG profile pic
90 Day Fiance viewers are loving Debbie this season on The Other Way. Pic credit: @unicornrodeorider/Instagram

Debbie Aguero is gaining popularity this season on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

When viewers were introduced to 67-year-old Debbie this season, they were shocked to discover her love interest was 43 years her junior.

Oussama, a 24-year-old man from Morocco, connected with Debbie online. They bonded over their shared love of the arts and seemingly had nothing else in common – like, literally, nothing.

Their odd pairing seemed like a recipe for disaster, and as viewers anticipated, their relationship didn’t last.

Oussama’s true intentions finally came out years after stringing Debbie along. Oussama waited until she gave up her life in the U.S., packed her bags, and moved nearly 5,000 miles away to live the rest of her life in Morocco with him before he dropped a bomb on her.

Oussama revealed that he no longer wanted to live in Morocco but instead wanted to move to the U.S., where he could get a green card and work as an artist — something that threw Debbie for a loop, but not viewers who have seen this old song and dance before on the flagship series.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers watched during the Sunday, May 7 episode as Debbie had enough of Oussama’s lies and kicked him to the curb.

Debbie hit Oussama with the old “talk to the hand” as she put her foot down, making it abundantly clear that she wouldn’t allow him to embarrass or use her for one more second.

Rather than hanging onto false hope, Debbie cut things off with Oussama as soon as he wronged her, wasting no time getting back home to the U.S. to eat crow. Fans of the show loved it — so much so that many have deemed her one of their favorites and one of the smartest cast members within the franchise.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers praise Debbie Aguero as one of the ‘smartest’ and ‘strongest’ cast members from the franchise

Following Sunday’s episode, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers headed to Twitter to sound off. Many of them applauded Debbie for handling things differently than many of her predecessors, who viewers have continually watched chase their pipe dreams.

“Debbie expressed some things that hardly anyone else on this show has ever said,” tweeted one viewer. “She got burned and admits it. Even though she didn’t give up all her $$$. Nice job Debbie.”

a 90 day fiance viewer praises debbue aguera on twitter
One 90 Day Fiance viewer applauds Debbie. Pic credit: @lime1304/Twitter

Another viewer shared a screenshot from one of Debbie’s segments. During the scene, Debbie told TLC producers that Ousaama “don’t win in this.”

“And this is why Debbie is one of our favorites,” the Twitter user captioned the pic. “She admits when she’s wrong and MOVES ON holding her head high!”

Along with a gif of NeNe Leakes mouthing, “I said what I said,” another 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fan wrote, “Debbie has to be one of the smartest women on the show!”

Another viewer surmised that Debbie might be the first cast member from the 90 Day Fiance franchise to “have some good sense and walk away.”

Yet another Twitter user called Debbie the “strongest, take no bullcrap woman in #90dayfiance history.”

Debbie hints that things are over for good between herself and Oussama

Now that Debbie is returning to the U.S., it’s unclear what her future holds. She confessed that she wasn’t ready to jump back into another relationship again just yet, if at all.

This should come as good news to her son, Julian, who was adamantly against her and Oussama’s relationship from the start. In fact, Julian recently threatened to take things into his own hands and “place [his] size 12 boot in [Oussama’s] rear end!”

In a recent comment on Instagram, Debbie insinuated that she’s still indeed single and is ready to focus on other things in life rather than making romantic connections with young men overseas.

In response to a fan who encouraged her not to allow anyone to “cast shadow on her sunshine,” Debbie wrote, “It’s been a surrealistic adventure for sure. I think my focus now will be helping others.”

Most recently, Debbie added to even more speculation that things are, in fact, over between herself and Oussama. The Georgia native shared a humorous photo on Instagram depicting her pushing her luggage along with a peacock and a donkey.

She added text across the bottom of the image, which read, “Miss Debbie, The Eccentric Way.”

In her caption, Debbie wrote, “Miss Debbie going the other way with her tribe. Hugs to all the kind people that encouraged me to do good and be better.??❤️”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Susan Collins
Susan Collins
4 months ago

Ya gotta love Debbie! Spunky, pretty and smart!