Here’s why The Bachelor fans think Vanessa Grimaldi is pregnant

Vanessa Grimaldi
Bachelor Nation fans think Vanessa Grimaldi might be pregnant. Pic credit: ABC

Vanessa Grimaldi was the native Canadian special education teacher who captured Nick Viall’s heart and final rose on Season 21 of The Bachelor.

While Nick proposed and Vanessa said yes in the finale, the couple did not last and split about eight months after the show aired, in August of 2017.

However, Vanessa did find love again with her current husband, Josh Wolfe, and the two tied the knot in August of 2021.

Now Vanessa is under speculation by Bachelor Nation fans who are currently wondering if the Bachelor alum is pregnant due to a Reddit post by a publicist, Lori Krebs, who specializes in celebrities, specifically Bachelor Nation alums.

What did Lori Krebs post about in her IG stories?

Lori posted three facts about various celebrities on her Instagram stories: someone is in a new relationship, someone shaved his/her head completely bald, and another is about to make an engagement/pregnancy announcement.

While this could be any number of people Lori represents, many Bachelor Nation fans are guessing that the person for the third fact is Vanessa.

Lori Krebs, a publicist for celebrities, gave hints as some news coming in from Bachelor Nation.
Pic credit: @lorikpublicrelations/Instagram

Why do Bachelor Nation fans think Vanessa Grimaldi is the one who is pregnant?

One fan stated who they thought from Bachelor Nation fit each category Lori K hinted at and was direct in the answers.

While they had guesses for the new relationship and the shaved head, their answer for the pregnancy announcement said, “Vanessa has been hiding her stomach in every pic these past couple of months…” Another viewer piggybacked off that statement and wrote, “I’ve noticed that with Vanessa.”

Bachelor Nation fans feel like Vanessa has been hiding her stomach in photos.
Pic credit: @u/yssemoles/Reddit

Yet one other person talked about Vanessa being discreet in her displayed social media photos, as they declared, “I noticed the same thing about Vanessa when someone shared that Passover pic with her dogs. It just struck me as an odd pose. So I went to her profile and was like ‘huh, yup, a lot of stomach hiding.’ She’ll be a gorgeous mom-to-be if so!”

Based on Vanessa's most recent Instagram photo, fans think she's pregnant.
Pic credit: @u/yssemoles/Reddit

One user guessed the men for the first two hinted announcements as Blake Horstmann and Blake Moynes, respectively. They also had the exact same third guess with the pregnancy rumor, writing down Vanessa’s name.

The last commenter also stated why they think all three of their predictions are correct, and that’s because there have been hints leading to the clues recently.

Some fans think there have been hints already pointing to the fact that Vanessa is with child.
Pic credit: @u/yssemoles/Reddit

While fans are making predictions about who these hints belong to in the Bachelor world, only time will tell if Vanessa will have a baby soon… or if the clue was about someone else entirely.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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