Here’s why Teen Mom OG viewers are fed up with Dr. Drew following Part 2 of the reunion

Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of the Teen Mom OG reunion
Teen Mom OG viewers are fed up with Dr. Drew’s antics on the reunion specials. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG viewers are fed up with Dr. Drew for several reasons after watching this season’s reunion special.

Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion aired on MTV on Tuesday, Dec. 7.

Teen Mom OG cast joined Dr. Drew for Part 2 of the reunion

Teen Mom OG veteran Amber Portwood and her baby daddy Gary Shirley joined each other on stage along with Gary’s wife, Kristina Shirley.

Another Teen Mom OG veteran, Maci Bookout, joined Dr. Drew on stage and later her husband Taylor to discuss their marriage.

This season, in an interesting spin, Dr. Drew brought out some of the moms from Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant and paired them with some of the moms from Teen Mom OG.

Amber got paired with Young + Pregnant star Kiaya Elliott and her girlfriend, Teazah, to advise the young couple.

Teen Mom OG viewers were somewhat surprised at the turnaround in Amber’s behavior compared to her walking off the stage during Part 1 of the reunion.

Amber even sat on the couch and calmly listened to Kristina and even paid her some compliments.

Teen Mom OG fans accused Maci Bookout of appearing drunk on stage during her segment, yet others called for Dr. Drew to be fired.

Dr. Drew has been hosting the Teen Mom reunions since their inception.

However, Teen Mom OG fans think his time is up on the show after his behavior during Part 2 of the reunion.

Teen Mom OG viewers are fed up with Dr. Drew

There were several major reasons that Teen Mom OG fans were fed up with Dr. Drew, including enabling Amber, putting Teazah on the spot, repeatedly interrupting the guests, and trying to force them into therapy.

After the second half of the reunion, viewers took to Twitter and expressed their distaste for Dr. Drew’s recent antics.

teen mom og fans took to twitter to diss dr. drew
Pic credit: @Tiny_Mulatto/Twitter

One Teen Mom OG fan tweeted, “First off Dr. Drew especially and Nessa were rude. Dr. Drew pushed and coaxed these people to say what he wanted and both he and Nessa repeatedly cut them off.”

twitter users shared their dislike of dr. drew
Pic credit: @ashlynraquel1/Twitter

Another Teen Mom OG viewer wrote, “It was 100% NOT okay for Dr. Drew to ask a question about childhood sexual abuse without warning on camera.”

The comment referred to Dr. Drew asking the group if anyone had experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Teazah spoke up and admitted that she did, but she wasn’t emotionally prepared to answer such a heavy question and be put on the spot, so she lost her composure.

Still, another Teen Mom OG viewer felt that Dr. Drew needs to stop enabling Amber Portwood and asking for her advice, given her history of arrests for domestic battery and drug abuse.

“@TeenMom @mtv this has got to be the biggest joke!” the Teen Mom OG fan wrote. “Asking for Amber’s input? A convicted [batterer], not once but twice, been to prison, drug addict for advice?”

They continued, “This show is a joke and @drdrew needs to go back to school! #TeenMomOG Teen [sic] Mom is an enabler to @AmberLPortwood.”

teen mom og viewers spoke out against dr. drew on twitter after part 2 of the reunion
Pic credit: @MsKathrynn/Twitter

Teen Mom fans can catch most of the cast from Teen Mom OG next month when they premiere in the new spinoff, Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion and Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In premiere in back-to-back episodes beginning on Tuesday, Jan. 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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