Here’s why some Sister Wives fans think Christine Brown and David Woolley are in a polygamous relationship

Christine Brown and David Woolley IG selfie Feb 2023
Is Christine and David’s relationship a polygamous one? Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Sister Wives fans are curious whether Christine Brown traded her plural marriage to Kody Brown for another polygamous relationship after spotting a possible clue.

Christine Brown is head over heels in love with her boyfriend, David Woolley. After splitting from Kody in 2021, Christine moved back to Utah and tried her hand at online dating, finding the “love of her life” in David.

The duo has been gushing over each other on Instagram, and Sister Wives fans are here for it.

However, in a recent IG post, Christine sparked suspicion that she may not have left polygamy behind.

Over the weekend, Christine shared a lovely selfie from North Carolina along with a message about missing David. In the pic, Christine was clad in a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and wore an infinity heart necklace around her neck.

“I’m LOVING visiting my grandkids in NC! Being an Oma is the best. I put this hoodie on though, and it reminds me of @david__woolley!!! Miss you babe!!” Christine captioned her post, adding several hashtags, one of which read #heartnecklace.

Sister Wives fans spot a clue and wonder whether Christine Brown and David Woolley are in a plural relationship

In the comments section of Christine’s post, there were several of her 1.1 million followers who felt the infinity heart necklace she was sporting meant one thing: she and David are polygamists.

One of Christine’s followers wrote, “Did you know your heart necklace is actually the symbol for polyamory?”

Another follower responded to the comment, noting they were wondering the same thing and came to the comments to see for themselves.

“Isn’t that necklace [a] polygamy symbol?” asked another curious fan.

christine brown's instagram followers comment on her necklace
Christine’s followers question the meaning of her necklace. Pc credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

One inquisitive follower asked if the necklace represents an “Open Relationship.”

Christine did not reply to any of the comments, leaving them to continue wondering whether she and David will be adding anyone else to their relationship.

The infinity heart necklace is a popular symbol among the polyamorous community. However, it’s also popular among monogamists, as it represents “one heart, eternal love.”

Christine’s past remarks about polygamy and monogamy

After nearly 30 years of living as a polygamist, Christine has since mocked the lifestyle on several occasions, leading most to believe that she’s no longer affiliated with plural marriage.

One such instance occurred when she recorded herself sporting double French braids in her hair. She noted that although her daughters can pull off the hairstyle and look “so cute,” she “just [looks] like a polygamist.”

Interestingly, several months before going public with her split from Kody, Christine denounced monogamy and praised plural marriage.

“I’ve never been a monogamous [person], never. So, I mean, it’s so out there and beyond my understanding to have a guy around every night,” Christine told Us Weekly in March 2021 during a video interview.

Christine added that she felt monogamy would “cramp her style” and said, “I really liked the independence that I have, and I love the freedom that I have.”

Regardless of her previous thoughts about monogamy, it seems as though Christine simply didn’t know what she was missing.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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