Here’s why Sister Wives fans think Kody and Janelle Brown have split

Kody and Janelle Brown confessionals
Kody and Janelle’s son Logan tied the knot last weekend but they didn’t sit together as parents of the groom. Pic credit: TLC

At his son Logan Brown’s wedding, Kody Brown chose not to sit with Logan’s mom Janelle and Sister Wives fans think it’s because they’ve split.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Kody and Janelle’s firstborn child Logan tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Petty, over the weekend.

Most of the super-sized Brown family was in attendance for the nuptials, as evidenced by their photos and videos on social media.

Now, footage has surfaced of Kody at the wedding, and he chose to sit next to a different wife, Robyn, during the ceremony, sparking rumors of another impending divorce.

Sister Wives Clips on TikTok shared a video compilation from Logan and Michelle’s wedding and labeled which family members sat where.

In the front row was Janelle, Logan’s biological mom, who was seated next to Kody’s first wife, Meri Brown. Although Kody is Logan’s father and Janelle’s husband, ironically, he wasn’t seated in the first row.

Kody Brown with Robyn, not seated next to Janelle for their son Logan’s wedding

The footage shows that Kody sat with Robyn in the second row on the opposite side of the aisle, prompting Sister Wives viewers to question why.

Taking to the comments section of the TikTok, Sister Wives critics sounded off about Kody’s intentions.

Sister Wives fans wonder if Kody and Janelle Brown have split

“Why the hell is the father of the groom not sitting with mom of groom. that’s just …smh,” wrote a disgruntled critic.

Another commenter wondered what’s “wrong” with Kody and commented, “Kody should have sat with Janelle. It’s their child getting married. What is wrong with him?” while another echoed the sentiment, finding it hard to believe that Kody didn’t sit with his second wife.

tiktok users comment on kody brown not sitting with janelle at their son logan's wedding
Pic credit: @sisterwivesclips/TikTok

Others surmised that things are over between Kody and Janelle.

“They must not be together anymore,” one Sister Wives viewer wrote. “He’s with Sobyn solely. It’s obvious.”

Another guessed that Janelle has left Kody, hence them sitting separately at their son’s wedding.

In a similar TikTok also shared by Sister Wives Clips, seen below, viewers can get a closer look at Kody and Robyn’s positioning in the crowd.

As his and Janelle’s son Garrison acted as Logan and Michelle’s “beer fairy,” Kody could be seen turning around and smiling as Garrison walked up the aisle and handed him something, presumably a beer.

Whether or not Janelle and Kody have gone their separate ways remains to be seen. Janelle has proven herself a capable, independent woman, and although she admitted she’s considered leaving Kody and polygamy like her former sister wife Christine Brown, Sister Wives viewers would be rooting for her if she chose to follow suit.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Lynn Morgado
Lynn Morgado
1 year ago

Kody, you need to get off your high-horse and realize that you’re not the prize you think you are .. the things that you have done and said to Meri, Janelle and Christine are not only rude but stupid and ignorant. You should be ashamed of yourself for what you have done and said to these ladies. You will get what you deserve and stop crying about it.

Vick Bowles
Vick Bowles
1 year ago

If that happens it would seem that Kody would loose out on just about all his children except the 2 he has with Robin, and of the 3 he adopted of hers.I also feel that Janelle is a very smart lady,