Here’s why Shannon Beador is being investigated by animal control

RHOC star Shannon Beador's WWHL appearance 2023
Shannon Beador is being investigated by animal control. Pic credit: Bravo Media

People were shocked to hear about Shannon Beador’s recent DUI and hit-and-run incident that led to her arrest last week.

However, there was one detail about the news that still has The Real Housewives of Orange County fans in an uproar.

Shannon’s dog, Archie–who has been a staple on the show for years– was also in the vehicle when she was accused of driving drunk on Saturday night.

That has prompted animal control to get involved, and they are currently investigating the situation to see if she broke any animal cruelty laws.

Meanwhile, the latest update on Archie is that he did not appear to suffer any bodily injuries and was not taken to seek medical attention.

The same can’t be said for Shannon, who was seen with bruises on her face, and her arm in a cast after she crashed into a Newport home and fled the scene with Archie in the vehicle.

Shannon later parked her car, got out with Archie, and pretended they were taking a stroll.

However, Monsters and Critics reported that she was arrested by New Beach police and booked for two misdemeanors — DUI alcohol, and hit-and-run.

Shannon Beador is being investigated by animal control

Shannon Beador’s nightmare ordeal is far from over as she continues to feel the repercussions of driving drunk with Archie in her car.

Page Six recently shared the latest update on the RHOC star and noted that she is being investigated by the Newport Beach Police Department’s animal control unit.

An NBPD public information officer said their lead animal control unit officer is “looking into it.”

Sgt. Steve Oberon added, “We don’t have animal endangering laws like you would with children but we do have animal cruelty laws, so he’s going to look into that a little bit further.”

He noted that the investigation will likely wrap up soon, adding, “If there’s not an injury, [the case] stops there.”

However, a source close to Shannon claimed she “has not been contacted by animal control” and that “Archie is fine and is currently with Shannon.”

RHOC viewers are concerned about Archie after the incident

Meanwhile, RHOC fans have been airing their concerns for Archie on Instagram, and requesting an update on his wellbeing.

“Yes where’s Archie? No news or updates about him but bad crash no seat belt for him very worried,” wrote one commenter.

“Her dog will forever be terrified of car rides. Someone ran into me while I had my golden retriever in the back seat and he would never ride in a car again,” said someone else.

One Instagram user tagged Shannon and said, “Where is Archie?? We want to see him.”

RHOC viewers air concern for Shannon Beador's dog, Archie.
Pic credit: @byewighellodrama/Instagram

One person said, “I’m more worried for Archie then her!”

Another added, “Justice 4 Archie !!!”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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MargaretAnn Rice
MargaretAnn Rice
9 months ago

Shannon just one of the many housewives that should be in shows titled THIS IS NOT THE PROPER WAY TO ACT IN PUBLIC OR PRIVATE. Bunch of screaming idiots IMO