Here’s why MAFS viewers are comparing party girl Emily to Virginia Coombs

MAFS brides Emily and Virginia Coombs screenshot
MAFS Season 17 bride Emily is being compared to Virginia Coombs. Pic credit: Lifetime

The first episode of Married at First Sight Season 17 kicked off last night, and one couple has already tied the knot.

However, viewers noticed similarities between the season’s first bride, Emily, and Season 12 alum, Virginia Coombs.

That’s not exactly a compliment for either of the women, as people took to social media to point out some red flags with the newest bride.

Emily talked about her hard-partying ways before getting married, and we got a glimpse of that during her bachelorette party with the other brides-to-be.

Viewers were not impressed with her behavior, and they instantly had flashbacks of Virginia– who got called out for wanting to drink and party with her friends after marrying Erik Lake.

That romance crashed and burned, and although we’re only one episode in, the predictions for Emily and her new husband, Brennan, are not good.

MAFS viewers compare party girl Emily to Season 12 alum Virginia Coombs

A clip from episode one was posted on Instagram with the caption, “Do you think Brennan is ready for Emily?”

That sparked a lot of comments as people pointed out some red flags and compared Emily’s party girl persona to that of Virginia from Season 12.

“Wtf not another Virginia 🙄,” exclaimed one commenter.

“She said she was a party girl in the interview and the experts didn’t catch it. I saw a red flag right away…” said someone else.

One Instagram user wrote, “She reminds me of Virginia who married the pilot (can’t recall his name). She was a heavy drinker who didn’t want to give up her party ways.”

“Oh geez. She’s messy,” said one viewer. “Reminds me of Virginia and Eric. She’s way too immature for this. 🙄.”

“Nobody’s ready for Emily, do we have another Virginia on this season?” added someone else.

MAFS viewer comments
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

MAFS alums sound off on the first episode of Season 17

Meanwhile, some of the MAFS alums were tuned in for the first episode of Season 17, namely Jamie Otis and Nicole Woley.

Both women had successful stints on the show but had different takes on Emily and Brennan’s marriage.

Season 16 star Nicole gave the new bride some grace after she got bashed for getting too lit at the bachelorette party.

“As someone who had a similar experience at her bachelorette party, I can firmly say that you can be wild sometimes and still be more than ready for marriage!” said Nicole.

“I’m hopeful that Brennan appreciates Emily for the ball of fun she seems to be.”

Jamie Otis comments on Season 17 of MAFS
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

However, Jamie commented on the fact that Emily has never had a serious relationship in her life and reasoned, “First serious relationship being marriage is Gonna be interesting 😬.”

What’s your take on the first married couple of the season?

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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