Here’s why Lexi Young decided to self-eliminate as The Bachelor cast hit Montreal

Lexi Young on The Bachelor
Lexi Young knows her relationship timeline doesn’t match with Joey’s. Pic credit: ABC

Lexi Young made a big impact on Joey Graziadei as they got to know each other on Season 28 of The Bachelor.

She’s been on a mission to educate Bachelor Nation about endometriosis, a condition she has been dealing with that has affected her fertility and possibly her future plans to become a mother.

When Lexi told Joey about her endometriosis journey and the breakout that resulted from her possible infertility, he made Bachelor Nation love him even more when he reassured her and comforted her.

Then, after Sydney went home, Lexi didn’t join in as Lea and Jess tried their hand at the villain role.

She did apologize anyway, though, because she was silent when others were being cruel, making her one of the kindest women to come from Joey’s season.

So when Lexi decided it was time for her to go home due to the disconnect between her and Joey, naturally, The Bachelor viewers felt some kind of way about it.

Lexi Young finally pins Joey Graziadei down to ask the tough questions

Lexi Young started the Montreal day feeling a bit off. A few of the women commented on how tough the group date was because, with 8 of them on it, it was hard to get a lot of time alone with Joey.

Also, since so few people are left now, the pressure is starting to get to some of them.

So when she finally got to sit down alone and talk to Joey, he quickly brought up that she seemed a bit off on the group date, and she admitted that she was.

Then, Lexi brought up timing, which is what she wanted to talk to him about in the first place. By timing, she wanted to pin down what Joey was thinking in terms of when he wanted to get married and start a family, which seems like a lot to ask, considering he’s still dating nine other women.

Joey told her he “envisions” a two to three-year engagement and to take his time before he has kids with someone because he wants to “enjoy the marriage” before adding to it.

Later in the episode, Lexi went to Joey’s hotel room to talk to him about her worries because her timeline and his just don’t add up.

She explained that, due to her health, she doesn’t have the luxury of waiting a few years to start a family and that she was in a hurry to have kids while Joey wanted to enjoy a marriage first.

It was a tearful scene as Lexi spilled her guts, and Joey looked truly gutted to see her go.

Lexi apologized to Maria after Sydney left

It’s easy to see why Lexi Young was a Bachelor fan-favorite. She’s been sweet, quiet, and hasn’t caused any drama this season.

And even though she wasn’t the problem at all, after Sydney Gordon was sent home following an epic two-on-one date with Joey and Maria, it was Lexi who apologized for staying silent when Lea and Jess started even more trouble.

She’s been a class act all the way, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see her show up on Bachelor in Paradise if she doesn’t end up as our Bachelorette so she can find a man and do things on her own timeline.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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