Here’s why frontrunner Joan self-eliminated on The Golden Bachelor

Joan on The Golden Bachelor
Joan left The Golden Bachelor after an amazing date with Gerry. Pic credit: ABC

Gerry Turner might have watched the one walk out the door before the first season of The Golden Bachelor was even over.

Joan won a date with Gerry after impressing him with a sweet poem during the talent show.

On that date, the pair connected over their shared loss of spouses, and they seemed to really connect on a deep level.

So much so that Gerry was glowing when he offered Joan a rose on the date before kissing her.

Gerry and Joan’s chemistry was undeniable, and there’s a great chance that she would have made it to the end had she stuck around.

But Joan is a mom first and foremost, so when her daughter was struggling after a hard childbirth, she opted to leave Gerry and the mansion to head home for her daughter, giving up her chance at love with a man that she admitted was one of the good ones.

Joan told Gerry she had to leave The Golden Bachelor with just 12 women left

When Gerry pulled up to the mansion the morning after his date with Joan, she was waiting outside for him.

Gerry looked elated to see her. Clearly, she was a favorite, and he thought she was greeting him for a reason other than to say goodbye. His excitement quickly turned to sadness when she told him why she was there.

“I got a text this morning, and I think I need to go home and be a mom right now,” Joan explained. “I don’t want to leave our journey, but I’ve got to be a parent.”

Gerry immediately broke into tears as Joan spoke.

“I can’t tell you how disappointed I am,” Gerry said before continuing, “There’s a moral compass that we both share, and sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest.”

While The Golden Bachelor spoilers made it look like someone else went home, it was Joan who made her exit, breaking Gerry’s heart and all of the viewers’ hearts, too.

The women get catty as they catch feelings for Gerry Turner

After Joan’s exit, the claws started to come out with the remaining women, as the competition is starting to really heat up.

Along with Joan, Theresa has been a frontrunner after catching Gerry’s attention early on.

That has been rubbing Kathy the wrong way, and she complained that Theresa won’t stop rubbing her connection with Gerry in all their faces.

She took her complaints to Gerry, crying about how mean some of the women have been. She didn’t name names even though Gerry asked her who it was.

Ultimately, she scored a rose after turning on the waterworks.

Then, after confronting Theresa about her antics, she went to Gerry to complain about Kathy, also crying to The Golden Bachelor lead, who was shocked to hear that it was Theresa whom Kathy was complaining about.

Yep, the drama between the women is exactly the same as the original Bachelor show.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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