Here’s why Becca put Austin’s relationship with MAFS producer on blast

MAFS star Becca Haley screenshot
Becca Haley reveals why she put Austin Reed on blast. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight viewers have been slamming Season 17 as boring, but that’s because all the drama has been taking place behind the scenes.

However, the cast has been spilling the tea, and most recently, Becca Haley confronted Austin Reed about his off-camera activities.

During a group meetup with their castmates to discuss Decision Day, Becca revealed that Austin spent the night hanging out with one of their female producers.

We do not know who the mystery woman is, but the latest rumors are that she’s since been fired for having an inappropriate relationship with a cast member.

MAFS fans are split on whether Becca should have outed Austin and the producer the way she did or if she should have done it in private.

However, the 31-year-old has her reasons for why she chose to make the information public.

Here’s why Becca Haley confronted Austin Reed in front of their castmates

Becca was a guest on the Married at First Sight Afterparty, which aired after the latest episode, and she was grilled about her decision to confront Austin in front of their castmates.

“I wanted the girls to be there since they saw him out to call him out,” explained Becca. “Because I knew that if we were in private he would have lied to me.”

“Then I wouldn’t have been able to have proof that he was out otherwise,” she added.

Becca knows Austin very well because she was right about his reaction when confronted.

Initially, Austin denied hanging out with the producer during the night out.

However, Clare Kerr interjected and confirmed that she saw him and his friends at the bar, with the woman in question.

That’s when he finally admitted that he ran into her at the bar, but Becca made it known that she didn’t believe it was an accidental meetup.

Either way, trust was broken, and she decided to end their marriage.

MAFS Fans share their views on the producer drama

MAFS fans are sharing their opinions on social media about the tense confrontation between Becca and Austin.

“Her confronting him in the group setting was intended to humiliate him. Period. It was cruel and immature,” said one commenter.

“She was right… he did lie. Even with them sitting there. He would have kept lying if they weren’t,” said someone else.

One viewer reasoned, “Austin lied, period. She confronted him in the people who saw him out so he couldn’t continue to lie and gaslight her.”

MAFS viewers comment on Austin and Becca
Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

“Don’t lie to a loved one and you won’t have to worry about being called out in a group or anywhere else. Simple,” said someone else.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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