Here’s why Bachelor in Paradise fans think Brandon and Serene may get married on the finale

Brandon Jones and Serene Russell
Fans think Brandon Jones and Serene Russell may leave the beach as a married couple. Pic credit: ABC

With new Bachelor in Paradise previews teasing a possible marriage on the beach, fans have assumed Brandon Jones and Serene Russell could be saying “I do” on the finale.

Of course, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for BIP to stretch the truth to boost curiosity amongst viewers.

Brandon and Serene have by far been the strongest couple on the beach for all of Season 8, with their initial conversation on the first day showing immediate sparks between them.

In fact, fans were calling them a “winning couple” right from the start, and after saying that they were utterly in love with each other, it is expected that Brandon will be getting down on one knee during tonight’s airing.

However, new BIP previews have shown that one couple may be skipping right to the wedding. “Who leaves alone, and who leaves married?” The narrator says in one clip before host Jesse Palmer is shown saying, “Do you wanna get married, right here, right now?”

While the truth won’t be revealed until later on, there’s no doubt that this season’s viewers have a strong opinion on which couple is solid enough to jump right to a wedding.

Fans think Brandon Jones and Serene Russell could get married on Bachelor in Paradise finale

The first teaser for tonight’s episode had fans replying with assumptions that Brandon and Serene could be the ones to skip right to marriage.

One Instagram user commented, “We all know Brandon and serene are getting married lol.”

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Pic credit: @bachelorinparadise/Instagram

Another new teaser showed upcoming clips of Brandon and Serene during the finale episode, which showed the two talking about how in love they are with each other.

Serene even said that she and Brandon have been “talking about the future the entire time,” which could also hint that the two have already thought about the idea of getting married right away.

One user confidently commented on the video, “they’re 100% getting married on the spot.”

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Pic credit: @bachelorinparadise/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise also shared the Brandon and Serene preview clip on Twitter, where fans chimed in with responses such as, “i’m thinking they’re the couple that gets married on the beach? they keep showing that in all of the previews, jesse asks a couple ‘do you wanna get married, right here, right now?'”

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Pic credit: @BachParadise/Twitter

Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs say Brandon and Serene will get engaged

Although a marriage may currently be hanging in the balance, BIP royalty and newly engaged couple Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs said that Brandon and Serene are a shoo-in to at least get engaged on the finale.

After appearing as guests on last week’s episode, the pair took to the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with their predictions on which couples will have a Paradise proposal.

After not much thought at all, they immediately said Brandon and Serene would be the one couple to make it.

“I think they should’ve let Brandon and Serene get engaged, like, two weeks ago and just let them have Fantasy Suites for the last month of Paradise,” Thomas joked. “They’ll probably get married the same time we do.”

As for the other couples, fans will have to tune in tonight to see what happens for them as Paradise closes yet another chapter.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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