Here’s who went home on Week 3 of The Golden Bachelor

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner sent two more women home at the third rose ceremony. Pic credit: ABC

Now, there are nine women vying for Gerry Turner’s heart on The Golden Bachelor.

On the newest Bachelor Nation spinoff, every minute counts when it comes to forming a connection.

Some women have made a huge impression on Gerry and are getting massive amounts of screen time.

Others simply have not, and each week, Gerry is weeding them out and sending them home.

For the most part, he’s been making some great choices in terms of who stays and who goes.

This week, aside from a frontrunner’s untimely exit, the women that went home were entirely expected as we haven’t seen them much on-screen, and they’re clearly not making a big impact with Gerry.

Here’s who went home at the third rose ceremony on The Golden Bachelor

Just three episodes in on The Golden Bachelor, and already, the women are dwindling down as Gerry sends home the ones that he doesn’t see a future with.

This week’s rose ceremony was no exception.

All 11 women left were clamoring to get a rose from Gerry, with Theresa worried that the Kathy drama may affect her chances.

Faith got the first rose at the ceremony, with Sandra taking the second one. Leslie, Nancy, and Susan all accepted a rose in that order.

Then, Gerry called April up before offering the final rose to Theresa, who was literally sweating as she thought she might be going home.

It’s possible that Theresa was called up last to send a message after she outed herself as the one who was having drama with Kathy, who tearfully told Gerry that some of the women in the house were just downright mean.

Was Theresa being mean? Not really. But it seems that, as this show follows The Bachelor format in its entirety, they had to recreate the mean girl drama that we see each and every season.

This time around, that meant Kathy and Theresa would be the ones butting heads over how they expected each other to act while staying in the mansion.

That left Edith and Christina without a rose, and they were sent home.

Gerry cried when a frontrunner decided to go home

One thing Gerry Turner doesn’t do is hide his emotions.

After an amazing one-on-one date with Joan Vassos, he was on cloud nine. So when he pulled up to the mansion the morning after the date to find Joan waiting outside for him, he was excited to see her — until he found out why.

Joan revealed that she had to go home as her daughter had given birth by caesarian section, and she felt that she needed to be there to help.

Gerry shared how disappointed he was to hear that but agreed that she did, indeed, need to be with her family.

He cried as she left, and it was pretty obvious that we watched as the one who could have easily won Gerry’s heart rode off to go be with her family.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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9 months ago

My gut tells me Joan will be back. In traditional bachelor fashion that would seem like the norm to create confusion and drama as Gerry is starting to have feelings for some of the women.

9 months ago

Gerry made a mistake and needs to reconnect with Joan who left for family reasons, Joan and Gerry had remarkable chemistry.