Here’s who went home on Bachelor in Paradise this week

Four ladies get booted off the island on the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

The latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise featured tornadoes from Tahzjuan, hurricanes from Demi, and a rose ceremony that rained on the parade of two different Victorias.  

Now that Bachelor in Paradise has had its first rose ceremony of the season, here are the first four women to be eliminated from the island. 

Serena Chew’s love connection is too little too late 

Serena Chew had trouble establishing connections all throughout her brief time on the show. Once it was already crunch time, Serena attempted to shoot her shot with Aaron Clancy, who she claimed was the guy she felt the most attraction to. 

Aaron seemed pretty committed to giving his rose to Tammy Ly but just before the rose ceremony, Serena made a last-ditch effort to build a spark with Aaron. Serena pulled Aaron to the side and proceeded to perform a stilted freestyle rap about how much she liked him. 

The rap ended with Serena sitting on Aaron’s lap and making out with him. However, all of Serena’s antics weren’t enough because Tammy quickly made sure to turn up the heat in her and Aaron’s relationship by engaging in a steamy makeout session. 

Ultimately, Aaron gave his rose to Tammy which resulted in Serena being sent home. 

Victoria Paul goes home after getting caught in a lie 

Four women were supposed to go home during the rose ceremony, however, Victoria Paul got caught in a web of lies that led her to self-eliminate from the show before the ceremony even began. 

Victoria P. admitted she wasn’t feeling a spark with anyone, but out of desperation for a rose she began capitalizing on the fact that James Bonsall had a crush on her and attempted to build a connection with him.

James seemed confident about his bond with Victoria but it was clear Victoria was more interested in a rose than an actual relationship. Victoria continually forgot James’s name and was also exposed by Tammy Ly and Kelsey Weier for having a boyfriend just a few days before arriving to paradise. 

James confronted Victoria, who got visibly defensive and acknowledged that the rumors had some truth to them. After confronting her “friends”, Victoria decided to take her imperfect ever-growing self home early and no longer lead James on. 

Kelsey Weier doesn’t get her “Kelsey rose” 

Kelsey appeared to spend more time being caught up in other people’s drama and relationships than she did spending time trying to find a love connection. 

Before the rose ceremony, Kelsey helped reveal the truth about Victoria P., and she hoped that James Bonsall would appreciate her honesty enough to give her a friendship rose, which she nicknamed the “Kelsey rose”. 

James was the last person to hand out a rose during the ceremony, and Kelsey became so nervous and sweaty that the ceremony had to pause while she re-centered herself so as not to pass out. Despite Kelsey’s eventful night, James decided to give his rose to Demi, forcing Kelsey to pack her bags. 

Goddess Victoria Larson meets her downfall 

Victoria Larson had a big influence on the first half of Matt James’ season, but her time on Bachelor in Paradise had little impact and was short-lived. 

The queen turned goddess, Victoria, expressed early that she likes to be courted and pursued, so the men having the roses was difficult. Victoria attempted to attract the men by implementing her 5-second-rule where she smiles at men with five seconds of straight eye-contact and it supposedly beckons them to approach her. 

The 5-second-rule seemed to fail miserably for Victoria, causing her to scramble and try to build a quick bond with Tre. Victoria’s attempt with Tre didn’t sit well with Tahzjuan, who had been coupled up with Tre prior.

Victoria and Tahzjuan butted heads in a heated confrontation. Tahzjuan expressed feeling confident that Victoria wouldn’t be around by the next morning and it turns out she was right because Victoria was sent home at the end of the episode.

Now that the rest of the women have survived the brutal first rose ceremony, we’ll see how the tides turn with the women in power. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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