Here’s who went home before hometowns on The Bachelor

Mara Agrait
Clayton Echard eliminates five women before hometowns. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 is getting down to the wire, which means Clayton had to make some major cuts on the latest episode.

Before heading into hometowns, Clayton eliminated five women.

Here are the five women that got sent home.

Clayton Echard eliminates the oldest and the youngest in the house

Clayton Echard had to seriously consider if he saw a future with the women on his season before agreeing to meet their family and friends, and for five women Clayton was not able to see enough potential to move forward. 

Towards the beginning of the episode, Clayton sent two women home during a rose ceremony. 

The two women who did not receive a rose at the ceremony were Eliza Isichei and the latest villain Mara Agrait, who both never got one-on-one dates during their time on the show. 

Previously, Mara attempted to kick off some of her competition when she brought it to Clayton’s attention that Sarah Hamrick was perhaps too young and immature for an engagement. 

Mara, who was the oldest woman in the house, feuded with Sarah, the younger in the house, and ultimately the feud didn’t quite work out for either of them as later in the episode, Clayton also sent Sarah Hamrick home. 

Sarah briefly became a villain in the house when the women began to feel she was deliberately trying to make them jealous and insecure. After confronting Sarah and calling out her fake tears, Clayton let Sarah go. 

Between sending Mara and Sarah home, Clayton also sent Genevieve Parisi home. 

Genevieve struggled to open up during a couple’s counseling group date, and Clayton and Genevieve both agreed that they didn’t have a future together, with many The Bachelor viewers supporting Genevieve’s decision to not ‘trauma-dump’ on the date. 

Clayton breaks up with first impression rose-receiver Teddi Wright

The final woman to be sent home before hometowns was initial frontrunner Teddi Wright. 

Teddi Wright had quite an impact on Clayton the first night they met, and he even gave Teddi the coveted first impression rose. 

However, it appeared their relationship began to take a backseat and their connection never really strengthened after the first night. 

In the final rose ceremony before hometowns, Clayton eliminated Teddi and expressed his gratitude for having met her before sending her off. 

With Teddi, Genevieve, Sarah, Eliza, and Mara all eliminated in one episode, Clayton now has narrowed down to his final four, and it remains to be seen how the rest of his journey will play out.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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