Here’s who Kris Jenner thinks might give her the next grandchild

Kris Jenner is talking more Kardashian and Jenner grandkids.
Kris Jenner’s answer for who will be the next one in her family to have a baby is surprising. Pic credit:

Kris Jenner thinks she knows who might give her the next grandchild in the famous family. There have been no baby announcements or even speculation that one of the Kardashian or Jenner ladies is pregnant. Nor is it believed Rob Kardashian is going to be a father for the second time.

The famous momager stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat about the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kris couldn’t help but gush over all of her children and grandchildren.

It was during one of Ellen’s famous games that Kris dished some juicy Kardashian theories.

Who will have Kris Jenner’s next grandchild?

Ellen and Kris played the game Keeping Up With the Blank. The game consisted of Ellen asking a bunch of questions about the reality TV family, and Kris had to answer by naming one of her children.

The comedian couldn’t help asking those questions that the momager didn’t really want to answer. First up, who never answers Kris’ phone calls, and that would be Kylie Jenner.

Next up, Ellen wanted to know who was going to be the next Kardashian or Jenner to have a child. Kris spouted this answer off with ease, and it has fans wondering if there is something the family is hiding.

“Kourtney Kardashian. Or maybe Kylie. What do you think? I think Kourtney. Maybe Kendall,” Kris shared.

Although Kourtney is already mom to Mason, Penelope, and Reign, a recent storyline on the family reality television show featured Kourt questioning if she wanted another baby. The oldest Kardashian sibling revealed last fall she was taking a step back from KUWTK to focus on her family.

Kendall is the only member of the family who is not a parent. The model has previously stated she is ok with being the fun aunt right now.

There is no baby news

Kris was clear to let Ellen know there is no baby news at this time. However, she is so good at being coy in the public eye. Kylie kept her pregnancy with Stormi quiet, so just because there is no announcement doesn’t mean the Kardashian family isn’t expanding.

The game, as well as Kris Jenner’s prediction of who will have her next grandchild, has certainly gained attention from fans. There is nothing Keeping Up with The Kardashians fans love more than hearing there is going to be a new member of the clan.

Psalm West is Kris’ youngest grandchild, and he will celebrate his first birthday in May. There has been quite the Kardashian and Jenner baby boom the past few years.

Who do you think will give Kris her next grandchild?

Keeping Up With the Kardashians returns Thursday, March 26 at 8/7c on E!

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