Here’s who got a rose on The Golden Bachelor Episode 4

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner two more women home at the latest rose ceremony. Pic credit: ABC

As Gerry Turner pointed out on the latest episode of The Golden Bachelor, we’re already halfway through the season.

The number of women still vying for his heart is dwindling and now sits at just six.

Thankfully, Gerry didn’t drag out the catty drama in the house like some men from the original show.

Instead, he broke up the mean girls, sending two of the worst home.

That may have just cemented him even more as one of the best Bachelor stars in the history of the franchise.

Gerry even admitted that it’s getting hard to send women home at this point in his journey because he is forming deep connections with everyone, and while he’s not said that L word yet, we can feel it coming.

Here’s who he’s still getting to know after the most recent ceremony.

Gerry Turner sent two problematic women home at the latest rose ceremony

Gerry’s journey is just starting to heat up, and hopefully, from this point on, it will be a little more peaceful, too.

He was visibly irritated with the mean girl drama in the house and made a huge statement when he handed out roses this week.

During the episode, Theresa came to him again about the person who was being mean to her, even telling Gerry that this time, Kathy told her to “zip it” during an uncalled-for confrontation after the pickleball game.

Gerry was baffled when he heard about it, and he confronted Kathy. When she tried to explain herself with the story about him consoling Theresa in her bedroom, he reminded Kathy that he had come to her to console her as well.

And he was clearly very irritated with her antics. It was pretty obvious to her and to viewers that she wouldn’t be getting a rose this week.

Gerry also didn’t give a rose to April, who was a part of the ASKN crew, whom The Golden Bachelor viewers have been calling “mean girls” since Kathy started her verbal assault on Theresa.

Nancy also went home, though it wasn’t because she didn’t get a rose. Instead, she opted to leave after injuring her ankle while playing pickleball.

In a tense one-on-one, Nancy limped in with one ankle in a boot and confronted Gerry about her place in his heart.

“You’re a lot more passionate with other people,” Nancy said. “I think you’ve, in a way, narrowed it down. But maybe I’m not in that group.”

Gerry responded, “Um, I’m really not gonna dispute that.” It was at that point when Nancy went home.

Here’s who got a rose this week on The Golden Bachelor

Gerry handed out two roses this week before the rose ceremony even started.

The first went to Leslie, with whom he had a hot date riding ATVs, and that ended with her accepting his rose and kissing him passionately while sipping champagne from a makeshift hot tub in the middle of a field.

He also gave an early rose to Sandra, who not only killed it in the pickleball tournament but who he learned was missing her daughter’s wedding to be there with him.

When it came time to hand out roses, the drama was high as Kathy seemingly knew she blew it. Gerry handed out roses to Ellen, Faith, Susan, and Theresa, in that order.

Next week should be interesting without all the drama — or at least not the same drama.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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