Here’s what the Teen Mom: Family Reunion cast had to say about filming the spinoff show

Teen Mom: Family Reunion cast express their excitement in filming with all fellow cast members for the first time
Teen Mom: Family Reunion cast speak out. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom Family Reunion is only a few days away and fans of the franchise are eager to watch this new spinoff. The show includes cast members past and present from the various Teen Mom franchise as they embark on a tropical vacation together.

This is the first time that the cast members from the franchises have all filmed together, giving them an opportunity to learn more about each other. Of course, putting a bunch of outspoken reality TV stars in a house together is bound to cause some drama as well.

The cast members also brought their plus ones along for the ride and it promises to be quite an experience. As the countdown begins for the new series to make its debut, you can check out this clip of cast members opening up about the show.

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Teen Mom: Family Reunion cast open up about the show

The Teen Mom stars are speaking out about the new spinoff show Teen Mom: Family Reunion which is set for Tuesday, January 11.

In a recently released clip, a few of the cast members shared how they really feel about living and filming with their fellow Teen Mom costars.

“This is the first time the whole Teen Mom franchise — Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2 — have all been together in the same place filming,” noted Jade Cline. “I’m interested to see how everyone kind of connects because this trip is either really gonna strengthen us and grow us closer or it’s gonna rip us all to f**king shreds.”

Leah Messer also expressed her views and noted that her castmates “all have a lot in common.”

“No one else can say that they’ve been through what we’ve been through except for each one of us,” she added.

Briana DeJesus and Cheyenne Floyd excited to film with MTV castmates

Teen Mom 2 cast member Briana DeJesus also opened u about filming with her fellow MTV costars for the show and expressed her excitement.

I’m actually super excited that we all get to film together in one place cause we’ve never don’t that before,” said the mom-of-two.

Zach Davis also expressed similar sentiments when he opened up about Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

“It feels good to finally be able to meet the other cast and hang out and bond,” confessed Zach. “You get to see their story aside from what you see on the show.”

Zach’s fiance Cheyenne Floyd also admitted that it “feels really good to bring all the cast together.”

“I feel like it shouldn’t have taken ten years to do this, and we’re definitely not gonna wait another ten years to do it again,” she added.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion premieres on Tuesday, January 11 at 8/7c on MTV followed by the premiere of Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In.

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