Here’s what The Bachelor fans do and don’t want in future seasons

Clayton Echard
Fans reveal what they want to see in future The Bachelor shows. Pic credit: ABC

The current season of The Bachelor is the 26th season of the show and features Clayton Echard from Eureka, Missouri. Clayton finished in the top eight in Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette.

As this season of The Bachelor has progressed, fans have questioned and criticized Clayton’s decisions and some of the comments that he has made throughout his time as America’s leading man.

Clayton not only kept this season’s villain, Shanae Ankney, on the show for weeks after multiple women approached him about how she acted and treated others but he was also bashed when he told Teddi Wright that he “would have never known” she was a virgin.

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It appears that Clayton could receive more backlash for the upcoming choices he makes during the final weeks of this season, specifically regarding being intimate with multiple women and revealing that information to them.

What do fans want to see in the future when it comes to the show The Bachelor?

Some fans have come up with a list of do’s and don’ts for the future shows of The Bachelor and have taken to Twitter to post these ideas.

The fan-based group @TheBachBabes gave a list of four items they would like to see happen moving forward and what they think needs to be eliminated in future shows.

tweet from @TheBachBabes
Pic credit: @TheBachBabes/Twitter

The post started with things that fans don’t want to see on the show anymore, the first being that the show and producers should stop casting “literal bullies like Shanae.”

Second, they do not “want to see another therapy date ever again,” like the one with the psychoanalyst where Genevieve Parisi could not open up, leading to her immediate elimination.

One viewer stated, “the therapy date was so messed up!! you can’t expect people to share personal experiences on live tv and then be upset when they feel uncomfortable doing so.”

Twitter user responds to @TheBachBabes
Pic credit: @TheBachBabes/Twitter

Third, Bachelor Nation fans don’t agree with the fact that The Bachelor goes to four hometowns and meets the families of four different women.

One fan thinks the final two and the final four should be switched. She thinks that the final four should meet The Bachelor’s family, and then the final two women would bring Clayton home to meet their families.

Twitter response to TheBachBabes
Pic credit: @TheBachBabes/Twitter

This particular Bachelor Nation fan thought that would eliminate The Bachelor having to ask four fathers for their blessings and permission to possibly marry their daughters.

The last point viewers listed of their four wishes was that they “miss when the show was actually about love.”

Fans hope moving forward that The Bachelor production will listen to their pleas

It seems to fans that there are so many more factors throughout the show rather than just finding “your person.” The factors range from the villains trying to make a name for themselves to the women there for other reasons rather than love, and even just someone trying to up their social media followers and their lives for other reasons.

One other fan commented on Twitter, in response to the wishlist posted, “Please, bachelor gods, this is what we want!”

Tweet response to TheBachBabes
Pic credit: @TheBachBabes/Twitter

Will The Bachelor franchise and producers listen to what their fans want? If they do, will their ratings go up? Stay tuned for the next season of The Bachelor to see what, if any, changes have been made.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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