Here’s what happens next week on The Bachelor

The Bachelor preview
Drama unfolds next week on The Bachelor as true connections are starting to form. Pic credit: ABC

It looks like fans will only have to wait one more week to get that signature The Bachelor drama they’ve been holding out for.

While Monday night’s episode may have been filled with a bit of unnecessary banter between a few of the girls, specifically over Instagram followers, Week 5 is shaping up to be one of the most intense yet.

Week 4 showed the crew in The Bahamas, where Zach formed deeper connections with a few of his ladies and ultimately sent contestants Davia and Genevie home.

Next week, they head to London, somewhere Zach says he’s “always dreamed of going.”

Zach also says in a new sneak peek that London is the “perfect place to fall in love,” but will some struggles get in the way of him crossing over that (London) bridge?

Let’s take a look at next week’s trailer.

A new trailer for The Bachelor shows tears, tears, and more tears

Before even watching Week 5’s trailer clip, the title seems to give away some vital information, Really Bad News Strikes in London on Next Week’s Episode of The Bachelor.

The beginning starts off with Zach and his contestants excited to be exploring the city, with Gabi appearing to secure a one-on-one date as she and Zach are seen rolling around with dogs and dancing in front of a live band.

However, there’s a twist mid-way, with Jesse Palmer coming in to say, “Unfortunately, I got some really bad news.”

Many of the girls are seen crying, saying things like “I wasn’t expecting that,” “We don’t really know where we go from here,” and “I don’t know why this happens.”

Zach is then shown on what appears to be a video call, saying, “This week was robbed.”

Jesse then chimes back in to ask Zach the “million dollar question,” AKA, what are they going to do next? And, at that moment, it seems as if Zach doesn’t quite have the answer.

The Bachelor viewers will have to wait just one more week to see what has the crew so shaken up.

Brooklyn opens up about abuse on Week 4 of The Bachelor

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, February 13’s episode of The Bachelor had one segment in particular that had fans rooting for one contestant.

Brooklyn, the 25-year-old from Oklahoma, opened up to Zach about her emotionally and physically abusive ex-boyfriend during their one-on-one date.

As Brooklyn showed a great deal of emotion, Zach was there to offer his full support, applauding her bravery to be so vulnerable at that moment.

Fans, Jesse Palmer, and the network also chimed in to show their support as the episode aired. ABC even listed the number to The National Domestic Violence Hotline and its website URL for further assistance.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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