Here’s what Hannah Ann Sluss wore to the Super Bowl in support of LA Rams boyfriend Jake Funk

Hannah Brown
Hannah Ann Sluss was decked in Rams attire for the Super Bowl. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Ann Sluss recently went public with her current boyfriend and NFL player Jake Funk. 

Jake Funk plays for the Los Angeles Rams and became a champion when his team won the 2022 Super Bowl. 

On Super Bowl Sunday, Hannah Ann went all out with her outfit to show her support of Jake Funk and the Rams. 

Hannah Ann Sluss wears LA Rams signature colors 

Hannah Ann made sure to rep the LA Rams in her blue, yellow, and white ensemble and she showed her support for boyfriend Jake Funk in both her festive attire and a good luck kiss before the game. 

On her Instagram stories, Hannah shared a video with Funk in a bedroom as she wraps her arm around him and gives him a kiss before the game. The text over the photo reads “Good luck kiss.”

Hannah Ann Sluss
Pic credit: @hannahann/Instagram

Hannah then shared a mirror selfie giving a better look at her outfit for the big game. 

Hannah wore black shorts and a white crop top and paired it with a sporty blue jacket with white striped cuffs. The blue jacket was covered with yellow lettering including the number 34 which is Jake’s number on the Rams. 

Hannah complimented the look with white high-heeled knee-high boots and even her clear purse rocked Jake’s jersey number. Hannah topped the look with wavy hair and hoop earrings. 

Hannah Ann Sluss
Pic credit: @hannahann/Instagram

Giving an even better view of her fit, Hannah shared a photo of herself at SoFi stadium during the Super Bowl game. In the photo, Hannah turns her back to the camera where the back of the jackets reads “Funk” and “34.” The jacket also includes a football helmet and an “I heart LA” patch. 

Hannah Ann Sluss
Pic credit: @hannahann/Instagram

Hannah Ann calls Super Bowl Sunday the ‘happiest day’ 

After Jake Funk and his team got the big win, Hannah shared a video that clipped together notable moments from her Super Bowl experience.

Hannah captioned the post, “Happiest day” with an applause emoji, diamond ring emoji, and a trophy emoji.

Hannah’s use of a diamond ring emoji had some fans questioning if that implied a proposal and engagement between Hannah and Jake, as Jake’s fellow teammate, Taylor Rapp also proposed to his significant other on the field right after the Super Bowl win. 

However, as of now, it seems the diamond ring emoji is just meant to signify the ring Jake won after becoming a Super Bowl champ. 

Time will tell if a wedding ring is in Hannah and Jake’s future as they continue to explore their romantic relationship. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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