Here’s the story of how new 90 Day Fiance couple Steven and Alina met

Steven and Alina
The beginning of Steven and Alina’s relationship was detailed in a video clip from TLC. Pic credit: TLC

The interesting way that the new 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Steven and Alina met was detailed in a clip released by TLC ahead of the Season 3 premiere.

The young couple, who met on a language app, will be meeting up in Turkey this season due to the coronavirus pandemic and both their inabilities to go to each other’s countries as a result.

They have the intention to begin their life together if all goes well on this trip. Russian beauty Alina has some trust issues with Steven and feels like he may be hiding a secret from her.

TLC released a clip for viewers to learn how new The Other Way couples Steven and Alina met

A clip that is available on YouTube from TLC highlights Steven’s story about how he and Alina began their relationship.

Steven’s Mormon faith brought him to do a mission in Eastern Europe for two years where he started learning Russian. To further his language skills he joined an app where he met Alina who was trying to learn English.

Feelings grew between them as they talked more and Steven asked her to take their relationship off the app. After she agreed, they never stopped talking.

Steven’s Mormon religion put Alina off because Steven asserts that in Russia, they think Mormons are part of a cult. So to quell her hesitations he proposed that they meet up and bring both their mothers and she was okay with that idea.

The two-week-long initial trip went really well and they have been together for a year. Steven wants to take the next step and start their lives together so this trip will determine a lot for them.

The other newcomers to The Other Way, Ellie and Victor, also have a cute story of how they met

Ellie and Victor, who are the other new couple to look out for this season on The Other Way, met when Ellie was traveling around South America.

Ellie and her friend ended up on the small Colombian island of Providencia where Ellie was taken aback when Victor rode up to a beach bar on his motorcycle as she and her friend were walking along the beach. She was drawn in by his smile and decided to go over to the bar where he made her a drink and they didn’t stop hanging out.

Ellie is moving to Providencia to be with Victor since his K-1 visa interview was canceled indefinitely due to the coronavirus. She is going there just as Category 4 Hurricane Iota decimated the island and Victor’s home.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3 premieres Sunday, August 29 on TLC at 8/7c.

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