Here’s how many followers Pieper James has now that she’s been on Bachelor in Paradise

Pieper James sits on the couch
Piper James loses followers and gains a messy reputation. Pic credit: ABC

The latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise gave us more insight into Brendan Morais and Piper James’ relationship…and it was not pretty, to say the least. 

Brendan and Pieper were completely exposed for their intentions to go on BIP presumably for fame and a paid vacation. The pair appeared to be unaware of how clumsily they were executing their plan to positively market themselves, even despite Pieper reportedly receiving her masters in marketing. 

During the episode, Pieper and Brendan appeared to be proud of their off-putting conduct and eagerness for clout and attention. The conning couple felt confident that their second stint on reality television would greatly increase their number of social media followers.

However, they could not have been more wrong. And in fact, both Pieper and Brendan’s social media followings have greatly declined since the episode aired. 

Pieper James’ following takes a nosedive 

Rather than gain followers from being on the show, Pieper’s numbers have gone down, with people seeming to no longer want to support her after getting a possible glimpse of her character.

On her BIP debut, Pieper excitedly gloated to Brendan about the press their rumored relationship received and how she gained ten thousand more followers before BIP Season 7 began. 

Pieper had about 88k followers before her debut episode aired and, very shortly after the episode, she lost over 4,000 followers. 

Pieper currently has 82.8 thousand followers and, if the pattern continues, that number will likely be dropping more and more after her and Brendan’s heinous display on the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise. 

Brendan Morais loses over 35,000 followers

The other half of this conniving duo, Brendan Morais is also seeing his following significantly plummet as an understandable consequence of his behavior on the show — behavior that many viewers vocally expressed finding absolutely appalling and pathetic. 

Going into paradise, Brendan had a hefty following of around 349k followers and he now has lost around 35,000 followers in the few hours since the show aired.

Brendan is now down to 314k followers in the course of just one night, and that number appears to be rapidly lowering as time goes on. 

Many members of Bachelor Nation are making their voices heard loud and clear in showing that they do not tolerate the lousy way Pieper and especially Brendan chose to manipulatively play this game and callously hurt Natasha Parker in the process.

Throughout the years, plenty of cast members have joined The Bachelor franchise with ulterior motives and hopes of gaining some clout and followers. However, Brendan and Pieper’s approach felt particularly malicious because of how blatantly deceitful and vain they appeared, as well as how dismissive they were of Natasha and her feelings. 

Brendan struck a nerve when he arrogantly alluded to the fact that he chose Natasha as his prey because she had “zero prospects” in paradise. Fans were disgusted to hear Brendan so flippantly claim that no men would have desired Natasha and how unapologetic he was about conning a woman who seemed to genuinely like him. 

Natasha handled herself with poise and maturity even despite her understandable frustration and has received lots of love and support from viewers as well as several stars of the franchise like, Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay who has called Brendan out in the past. In a case of poetic justice, Natasha’s following saw a giant increase, going from 89k followers to 145k followers after the episode.

While Natasha felt played in this situation, it seems Brendan and Pieper may have actually played themselves because their thirst for more followers has clearly backfired. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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