Here’s how Luis Ruela’s ex-wife feels about RHONJ star Teresa Giudice

Luis Ruelas ex wife gave her impression of his new wife, RHONJ star Teresa Giudice.
RHONJ star Teresa Giudice recently had her new husband’s ex-wife over for dinner. Pic credit: @teresagiudice/Instagram

A lot was said last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills about Teresa Giudice’s then-boyfriend, Luis Ruelas.

There were even some allegations that he had a toxic relationship with his ex-wife and rumors of domestic abuse. He denied the rumors.

Luis’ ex-wife, Marisa DiMartino Ruelas, recently spoke out for the first time.

She explained how she felt about Teresa and where she now stands with her ex-husband.

She revealed that before Teresa and Luis tied the knot, she had met the reality star twice. However last weekend they got to spend a lot of time together in Atlantic City, New Jersey. They all came together as a beautifully blended family to celebrate Louie’s birthday.

Louie is Marisa and Luis’ son.

Teresa Giudice spent the weekend with Luis Ruela’s ex-wife

After spending the weekend with Teresa and Luis, Marisa had only good things to say about the OG of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

She said, “She’s very nice.”

She added that Teresa, “couldn’t have been more accommodating and respectful.”

She explained that Teresa was very thoughtful. She said the Turning Tables author even suggested she go stand behind her son when it was time to cut the cake, so Marisa had nice pictures to look back on.

Marisa also said that Teresa and Jennifer Aydin, who had joined them for the festivities, made sure that she was comfortable the whole time. They also asked for her permission in posting pictures to social media where she might have appeared in the background.

Marisa said she thought that was very considerate, especially since she doesn’t like the spotlight.

Teresa took to social media and posted some pictures of her stepson’s birthday and respected Marisa’s wishes and didn’t post her.

Marisa DiMarito Ruelas shared where she stands with Luis Ruelas

Marisa admitted that it was true that she had a difficult relationship with her ex.

But it appears that Teresa had a great influence on Luis.

Marisa said that her relationship with Luis started improving a year and a half ago. Teresa and Luis began dating in 2020.

Luis’ ex explained that the two aren’t best friends and they don’t talk daily. However, they have managed to put the kids first and co-parent well.

She told Page Six, “We just basically talk to each other when we have to co-parent. It’s not like we talk to each other every day or go to dinner every day. It’s just about the kids.”

Marisa DiMartino Ruelas revealed if she would appear on RHONJ

Marisa explained that at first, she didn’t want her kids on the show. She shares three boys with Luis.

Once Teresa and Luis got married, she realized that Teresa would be a big part of the children’s lives.

She said since the marriage, she also tried to come around more. She admitted, “I can’t be totally out of the picture, you know, it’s not right for my children. I’m doing this only for my children.”

Marisa admitted that in the last two years she tried to stay away because she didn’t want to be in the public eye. But that prevented her from spending a lot of time with her son Louie, who lives with Teresa and Luis.

Because of this, she is open to making an appearance on The Real Housewives of New Jersey if the cameras were present at a family event.

Marisa also added that she thinks that Luis and Teresa are a good match. She said, “They are very high-energy and both like the limelight, which is OK. I don’t.”

Teresa also recently revealed that she had Marisa over for dinner at her and Luis’ home. She said it was very important for her to put the kids first and be united as a blended family.

The reality star has also been getting along great with her new sisters-in-law.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is on hiatus.

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