Here’s a sneak peek at the cast of 90 Day: The Single Life getting into glam for the Season 3 Tell All

Veronica and Natalie of 90 Day: The Single Life
The cast of 90 Day: The Single Life showed off their glam looks for the upcoming Tell All. Pic credit: @vepyrod and @nataliemordovtseva/Instagram

Ahead of the upcoming Tell All, the cast of 90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 showed off their glam transformations.

This season on The Single Life, 90 Day Fiance fans watched as Natalie Mordovtseva, Debbie Johnson, Tania Maduro, Caesar Mack, and Tiffany Franco tried their hand at love after breakups.

With Part 1 of the Tell All just around the corner, 90 Day Fiance’s official Instagram shared behind-the-scenes footage of the cast getting ready to hit the stage.

The video, captioned, “Tell All ready! #90DayFiance,” opened with Veronica Rodriguez holding her hand over the camera’s lens before removing it to reveal her finished look.

Veronica looked stunning in the after shot, donning a green dress with a plunging V-neckline, full makeup, and wearing her hair in loose waves. Veronica’s makeup was on point, with a bright berry lip color perfectly complementing the color of her dress.

Next, Natalie held her hand over the camera while fresh-faced and donning a sweatshirt. When she removed her hand from the camera, Natalie revealed her gorgeous look, which included embellished bobby pins holding back her platinum blonde waves. Natalie’s eyeshadow was smoky, and she sported false lashes to add some pizazz to her baby blues, an off-the-shoulder dress which she accessorized with sparkly bracelets on both wrists.

The ladies of 90 Day: The Single Life show off their glam looks for Season 3 Tell All

Debbie was the next to show off her before-and-after look. While seated in a makeup chair while her glam squad went to work, Debbie wore a casual white sweatshirt. An after shot revealed Debbie looking beautiful in a magenta-colored top with pouf sleeves and a lowcut neckline that accentuated her butterfly tattoo. Debbie’s makeup was neutral with false lashes, which brought out her eyes as she flashed a smile and waved for the cameras.

Tiffany posed in a zip-up cardigan with a fuzzy headband holding her hair back as she got ready to get glammed up. Her reveal was also gorgeous, as she sported a hot pink, off-the-shoulder dress paired with a delicate choker-length diamond necklace. Tiffany’s eyeshadow played off the color of her dress, and she wore her hair down with loose waves.

Tania sat in her makeup chair, fresh-faced and in a plaid button-down shirt, before revealing her beautiful after shot. Tania went with a silky red slip dress and matched her lipstick to the color of her ensemble. She opted to wear her long, dark hair down and parted on the side, smiling big for the lens in her finished look, looking radiant.

Tim Malcolm joined the fun getting into glam for the Tell All

Veronica’s ex and BFF Tim Malcolm, also had some fun in the video. As he held up his hand to reveal his final look, the text on the screen read, “Tim: ‘Why do the girls get all the fun?'” Tim gave a smile to the camera and showed off his eyeliner and perfectly coifed hair, and arched eyebrows. For his stage attire, Tim went with a gray suit jacket with black trim paired with shredded, hot pink pants.

Part 1 of the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All airs on Monday, November 28 at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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