Help Untangle Tasha GoFundMe: Roommate starts fundraiser to assist Eric Rosenbrook’s daughter get away from 90 Day Fiance drama

Tasha Rosenbrook battling with her stepmother on 90 Day Fiance
Tasha had her life turned upside down when Leida moved in on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance was full of drama as many of the couples dealt with the adjustment of living together and getting married. No one felt it more than Eric Rosenbrook’s teenage daughter Tasha.

When Eric brought his new wife Leida home from Indonesia, they immediately started campaigning for Tasha to move out. Things got pretty crazy between Leida and Tasha as their family feud grew to the point where Leida even obtained a restraining order against Eric’s daughter.

Now Tasha is on her own but she’s still dealing with the 90 Day Fiance drama and the breakdown of her family but heading out into the world on her own hasn’t been easy.

This is especially true considering the circumstances and the publicity surrounding her family drama.

Tasha’s roommate is trying to get her some help, appealing to 90 Day Fiance fans by way of a GoFundMe account set up in an effort to get Tasha some financial relief.

Jan makes it immediately clear that she knows 90 Day Fiance fans are sick of all the GoFundMe campaigns set up by stars of the show but she goes on to explain that this one is different.

“With Tasha just turning 20, the start to her adult life has been in turmoil. Prior to ‘the show’, she was a happy, fun-loving, hard-working student with goals,” Jan wrote.

“Not wanting to disappoint, Tasha had agreed to be on ‘the show’, unbeknownst to her the tornado of chaos that would consume her life. More recent events have caused distress, financial hardship, and missed work. Tasha needs your help to return her integrity, good name, and securing any future endeavors that lack of integrity and a good name may hinder her from reaching her goals.”

Despite the 90 Day Fiance GoFundMe fatigue, this new campaign to help Tasha get away from the mess her father made has started off well.

Of course, there were several nasty messages telling Tasha to just get a job but there are many more that support her and wish her well.

It seems that Tasha has managed to garner the most sympathy of anyone featured on Season 6 of the TLC hit show and in just two days, a third of the monetary goal has already been met and money is still coming in.

Tasha has since confirmed that her roommate started the GoFundMe for her. She also asked those on her Instagram page to either be supportive or leave her alone.

Clearly, she’s had enough drama after her short stint on 90 Day Fiance.

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