Heather Dubrow shares vintage dress throwback from Married with Children appearance

Heather Dubrow.
RHOC star Heather Dubrow struck a pose after finding an orange velvet dress from her guest appearance on Married with Children. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow took a stroll down memory lane with her daughter, Max Dubrow, after finding an outfit she wore when she held a guest spot on the hit show Married with Children.

Back in 1994, Heather appeared on the fan-favorite sitcom as the character of Cherise. And with her character came a gorgeous orange-colored dress as part of her costume for the episode.

Heather is incredibly close with her children, and her most recent social media share is no different as Max took part in the sweet and sentimental moment with her mom.

With Season 17 finished filming, the premiere should be just around the corner, and hopefully, viewers will see even more sweet moments between Heather and her kids.

In the meantime, fans and followers will have to settle for the glimpses Heather gives over on her social media accounts.

This most recent share showed that not only has the dress seemingly come back into style, but Heather also revealed if she could still fit into the tiny number.

Screenshot from Heather Dubrow's IG Stories.
Pic credit: @heatherdubrow/Instagram

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow shares vintage throwback from her 1994 appearance on Married with Children

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Heather first showed Max wearing the velvet dress.

The gorgeous burnt orange-hued number fit Max like a glove.

Heather came on camera with Max and shared that they’d been going through some of her old things and came across the gem.

“We were going through my vintage box, and, oh my gosh, that’s the dress I wore on Married with Children. Isn’t that so funny?” she asked.

“It looks so good on you,” she gushed.

Screenshot from Heather Dubrow's IG Stories.
Pic credit: @heatherdubrow/Instagram

The velvet dress features a halter neckline and a flattering seam that falls just under the bust.

The overall style of the minidress is flowy and certainly gives off an air of flirtation.

Heather then takes the moment a step further by finding out if the dress still fit her nearly thirty years later.

Heather Dubrow rocks vintage dress thirty years after her guest appearance

The next slides of her Instagram Stories show the moment Heather herself slipped back into the gorgeous minidress — and not to anyone’s surprise, the number still looks fantastic on her all these years later.

“[It] still fits,” Heather gushed as she twirled her way out of her lush walk-in closet.

Screenshot from Heather Dubrow's IG Stories.
Pic credit: @heatherdubrow/Instagram

With the Season 17 premiere upcoming, it’ll be thrilling to watch Heather reunite with her RHOC co-stars for some fun and drama.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus.