Hazel Cagalitan gets emotional about her son, still working to bring him to the US

90 Day Fiance's Hazel Cagalitan reveals how hard it is to be apart from her son.
Hazel Cagalitan gets emotional over being separated from her son. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Hazel Cagalitan is opening up about her emotional journey to bring her son, Harry, to America.

After marrying Tarik Myers, the two immediately began planning to reunite Hazel and Harry. Currently, he is still living in the Philippians with his dad, and efforts to bring him to the US have not been successful.

In a recent interview, Hazel reveals how being apart from her son has affected both her personal life and her relationship with Tarik.

Hazel gets emotional talking about her son

Hazel and Tarik spoke with The Domenick Nati Show about their relationship and future plans.

Domenick asked the couple if they wanted to have any kids together. The couple answered that their main priority was bringing Harry to America first. Once that happens, they may be open to having more children. In addition to Hazel’s son, Tarik also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

The conversation quickly shifted, and the topic of violence and abuse within their relationship was mentioned. In the past, Hazel accused Tarik of abusing her, which led to their brief separation.

As the conversation got heated, Hazel became visibly emotional and no longer wanted to discuss the issue. She started crying and said things were just hard for her because she did not like being away from her son. She said being so far away from him makes her “crazy.”

Attempting to clarify Hazel’s comments, Domenick circled back to the abuse questions, asking her was she blaming her past allegations on missing her son. Hazel passively agreed with him and inferred the stress of not being with her son created arguments between her and Tarik.

Hazel has been working for years to bring Harry to America. She initially had an agreement with his father that once she was settled, he would come live with her. However, Harry’s father changed his mind after Hazel and Tarik got married. Now, the couple is in the middle of a legal battle with Hazel’s ex as they attempt to come to a custody agreement.

Hazel says Tarik never abused her

A large portion of their interview with Domenik Nati focused on the abuse allegation from Hazel. The couple attempted to clarify what caused their relationship’s troubles.

Tarik attempted to defend both himself and Hazel. He said at the time of her claims, she didn’t know what the word “abuse” meant, and it has a different meaning where she is from. Tarik says English is Hazel’s third language, so some things can get lost in translation.

When asked if Tarik ever caused any harm in their relationship, Hazel said he never did. She says they have normal arguments like any other couple, but nothing that would be considered abusive. Hazel admitted that Tarik can be loud during their disagreements, but she does not fear he will hurt her.

90 Day Fiance airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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