Harry Jowsey is taking Billy Porter’s Dancing with the Stars criticism personal

Harry Jowsey on Dancing with the Stars
Harry Jowsey isn’t letting Billy Porter’s criticism slide. Pic credit: ABC/Andrew Eccles

Harry Jowsey has been dealing with a lot of criticism lately.

He heard what Dancing with the Stars viewers were saying about him, claiming that the show was rigged, and that’s why he was still on it.

Harry hit right back at the critics, too, letting them know he is a winner and, therefore, not worried about what they had to say.

Now, he’s dealing with a more personal level of criticism after Billy Porter was a guest judge on the show.

The Pose star called Harry a “tree trunk,” telling the Too Hot To Handle star, “Harry, you can loosen up a little bit, and you can challenge yourself to do more steps now and not just be a tree trunk for her to use and abuse.”

Now, Harry is owning the critique, possibly because he likes Rylee’s “abuse.” After all, the DWTS partners have been dealing with romance rumors nearly all season.

Harry Jowsey sports ‘Tree Trunk’ t-shirt

Just one day before Harry’s next performance on Dancing with the Stars, he took to his Instagram stories with a bit of shade.

In a selfie, the Netflix reality star posed in his new t-shirt, which read, “Tree Trunk,” in either a dig or a shout-out to Billy Porter, who called him just that last week.

He also captioned the photo with “Camera blocking.” Since it was the day before the big live show, he likely was doing some rehearsals as the remaining contestants prepared to compete again.

Harry Jowsey in his tree trunk shirt
Harry Jowsey turned an insult into a t-shirt. Pic credit: @harryjowsey/Instagram

In another Instagram Story, while still wearing the t-shirt, Harry reminded his fans that the countdown was on until voting started.

Since they’re getting down to the end of the season now, it’s very important that his fans get out there and vote; otherwise, Harry and Rylee could be the next couple voted out.

Harry Jowsey loves to hit back at his critics

Don’t come for Harry unless you’re ready for him to hit back. That’s precisely what he did after the last show when Dancing with the Star viewers took aim, claiming that the show must be rigged.

Many thought Harry should have been the celebrity going home last week rather than Barry Williams.

The Australian heartthrob was entirely unbothered by his critics, though, letting them know that “winners focus on winning and losers focus on winners.”

He made his statement even more poignant with the top down on his Lamborghini and his hat turned backward for a selfie.

Dancing with the Stars airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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