Hannah Godwin is red hot in styled lingerie, the hottest new nightwear trend

Hannah Godwin
Hannah Godwin sports a new look to go out on the town. Pic credit: @hannahg11/Instagram

Hannah Godwin, a past Bachelor Nation alum and Victoria’s Secret partner, brought out a new fashion style: lingerie during the day.

Lingerie for everyday wear?

Typically, a person might put on lingerie for a romantic get-away, or at night with a significant other, but Hannah has brought out her choices for a normal day out on the town.

As she wore pieces from Victoria’s Secret, Hannah tried them on for viewers with various outfit possibilities for a date night with her fiancé, Dylan Barbour.

She showed fans what Victoria’s Secret has to offer and how you can match up pieces for a more casual look, to a fancier look for date night.

She called her video Styling Lingerie with Me and captioned her post: “Styling @victoriassecret Vday collection for date night. Which one is your fave?”

Did fans say yay or nay to this trend?

Fans and viewers had a chance to weigh in and give Hannah their suggestion and opinion on their favorite put-together outfit, complete with a lingerie piece.

Both Bachelor Nation alums and viewers played a role in the vote, as they all commented on her post. Ashley Iaconetti stated, “These are sooo cute” and Dylan, Hannah’s fiance, exclaimed, “Pop off queen.” Others declared, “Yesss” with a heart faced emoji and another said, “obbbsesessed wow.”

Comments from Bachelor Nation alums and fans of Hannah. Pic credit: @hannahg11/Instagram

The first outfit choice Hannah put together was a pink and red-flowered crop top lingerie piece, with had a sheer white-ish bodice below the bra part of the lingerie bra. She added a white cardigan and ripped-knee high-waisted mom jeans. Hannah added a pink purse and pink-heeled shoes to go with her ensemble.

Hannah’s second outfit option was a fancier option, as she paired a one-piece blood-red lingerie top, with high-waisted black dress pants. She then added a cropped black blazer over the top of the lingerie and hung a silver-chained small black purse over her shoulder and black heels that completed her outfit.

Hannah’s last outfit was a silky-slitted up the thigh on both sides, a white skirt, paired with chunky white wedges, and a Valentine-like cropped red and white polka-dotted lingerie top. Hannah added a bright red lipstick to complete her look.

Which one is the winner?

Hannah is set to marry her fiancé, Dylan in 2023 (after being postponed due to Covid). Fans first saw Hannah on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, and Dylan on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. The two then got together on Bachelor in Paradise, after Hannah finally decided on Dylan when she debated back and forth between him and Blake Horstmann.

Fans know that whichever outfit Hannah goes with, she will look amazing. Which one has your vote? Ensemble 1, 2, or 3?

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Alana Borella
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