Hannah Godwin and Serena Pitt compare engagement rings

Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile
Serena Pitt and Hannah Godwin compared their Bachelor in Paradise rings. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise’s Hannah Godwin and Serena Pitt took on the question of whether their “one-of-a-kind” engagement rings might actually be identical on a night out together.

The Bachelor fan favorites, who both left the beach engaged on their seasons, noticed that their rings from Joe Amabile and Dylan Barbour looked eerily similar. The question left the pair calling out for jeweler Neil Lane, poking fun at their fiancés, and giving fans a close-up introduction to their stunning rings in the process.

Serena Pitt and Hannah Godwin compare their rings

Serena and Hannah were joined by Serena’s fiance Joe and agent Lori Krebs. The group was seemingly seeking out a low-key night as they got drinks at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge.

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However, the calm didn’t last for long as Serena and Hannah began questioning whether they had been gifted the same rings. The two women posed with their hands in front of their faces before switching both rings to Serena’s hand for a close-up comparison.

“Neil Lane, let us know,” Serena joked.

Hannah Godwin
Pic credit: @hannahg11/Instagram

“Neil Lane, did y’all give us the same ring?” Hannah added, both referencing the signature Bachelor Nation jeweler.

However, after polling fans and continuing to investigate, the two women came to the conclusion that the rings were slightly different. Hannah pointed out that hers was more round in shape, while Serena’s appeared to be bigger.

Hannah Godwin
Pic credit: @hannahg11/Instagram

“It better be bigger,” Serena teased back. The two also noticed a major variation on the back side of the rings where Serena’s band featured a smooth section not included in Hannah’s band.

Hannah Godwin
Pic credit: @hannahg11/Instagram

Hannah and Dylan scout wedding venues while Joe and Serena move in

Joe also jumped in with a video of Serena sporting the rings and laughing for the camera. “Listen, I picked this ring out and it was a one-of-a-kind ring,” Joe said. Although Joe called Dylan out in his caption, the fourth member of the group has not yet commented.

Pic credit: @joeamabile1/Instagram

Luckily for Neil Lane, the group did note the key differences between the two pieces.

Both Bachelor in Paradise couples have taken their relationships to the next level recently. Hannah and Dylan vacationed in Europe while scouting their first wedding venues. Joe also made the switch to New York City to move in with Serena.

Both couples also remain fan-favorite pairings throughout the Bachelor Nation franchise as they go from strength to strength.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.  

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