Hannah Ferrier makes out with Conrad Empson on Below Deck Med: How far do they take their first kiss?

Hannah Ferrier and Conrad Empson kissing on Below Deck Mediterranean
Hannah Ferrier and Conrad Empson kiss on Below Deck Mediterranean

Conrad Empson has a motto: don’t screw crew, but that doesn’t stop the spirited Bosun from getting his flirt on with gorgeous First Stew Hannah Ferrier on tonight’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Bravo’s third season of the frisky sun-soaked show has already proven to be a must-watch mixture of combustible guests and charismatic crew members.

Previews from tonight’s episode promise a possible romance is in the air for friends Hannah and Conrad. Their chemistry is undeniable but there’s just one problem: Conrad has a rule about not sleeping with co-workers. He’s obviously read the HR handbook!

After a few drinks in the cool Mediterranean night air the talk between these two beautiful people turns serious when Hannah asks, “Are we just like buddies?”

Conrad takes his time responding, “I like you…I just take a while to warm up.” When he whispers, “Just take time with me,” you can hear women the world over swooning at his sweet sensitivity. But is he sincere or just throwing out a well-worn, time-tested line?

If anyone can get to the bottom of Conrad’s behavior, Hannah and her expert bull**** detector will. In the meantime, throwing caution to the wind, the blonde Bosun leans in for a peck on the cheek and a warm hug.

But after a while the glittering water and soft breezes seem to soften Conrad’s defenses and the tousled haired charmer seems genuine when he gently kisses his crew mate.

Hannah looks smitten, and later she giggles and tells the producers off camera that she’d rather talk about something else when the subject of the Bosun comes up.

Things are clearly heating up between these two, the only question now seems to be how long before a spark becomes a flame?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8C on Bravo.

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