Hannah Ferrier hits out after Twitter meltdown over Conrad Empson age difference: Is she too old for the young cutie?

Hannah Ferrier on Below Deck Med
Hannah Ferrier talks about kissing Conrad Empson on the latest episode of Below Deck Med

Last night’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean had Twitter in an uproar after First Stew Hannah and Bosun Conrad got their flirt on — with the age gap between the pair seemingly too much to handle for some viewers.

But should it REALLY matter? Most fans say heck no, with: “Age gap of seven years is no big deal.  Jeez,” “7 years is nothing,” and, “What’s the big deal! He’s 23 not 17.” among some of the comments. Enlightenment is a wonderful thing, right?

Hannah responded with typical humor and grace to the scandle over her “advanced age” by tweeting about some other celeb age-gap couples, “WE ARE IN 2018 PEOPLE!!! Funny I never saw any tweets about @BenRobinsonChef and @EMMSEWA relationship with a larger age gap. #belowdeckmed

Some viewers seem to have taken exception to the motto, “the heart wants what the heart wants,” and have slammed the couple for making out in last night’s BDM episode. Spoiler alert: there could well be more hot action to come this season!

Obviously plenty of fans want to see the budding romance continue, tweeting their support about what most described as a cute coupling while throwing their voices behind Hannah. One fan said: “#DoubleStandards You do whatever the hell you want girl!,” while another added: “Girl, I was cheering you on! Love it!!”

One fan summed up the non-dilemma well: “Im so confused. He’s clearly more mature than most men double his age. Confident, compassionate, supportive, where’s the problem?”

The Australia native’s bio on the Bravo show’s website describes her as currently unattached but still looking for Mr. Right.

So, is Conrad Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? For that answer be sure to tune in next week and see for yourself if these two beautiful people achieve liftoff!

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8C on Bravo.

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