Hannah Brown thanks boyfriend Adam Woolard for ‘all the little moments’

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown expresses her gratitude for Adam Woolard. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown was feeling the love this Valentine’s Day as she gushed about boyfriend Adam Woolard. 

Along with sharing a long list of reasons why she loves her significant other, Hannah also shared a message about the importance of cherishing the small things in a partner that often get taken for granted. 

Hannah Brown shares special moments throughout relationship with Adam Woolard 

Hannah Brown expressed her love and gratitude for Adam Woolard with her millions of followers.

Hannah shared a video of a journal that featured two pages worth of reasons she loves Adam, and she then shared videos with Adam that captured the subtle attributes she loves about him.

The clips included a series of sweet moments between Hannah and Adam, such as Hannah holding Adam’s hand while they drove, dancing together in casual clothes, kissing in the kitchen, dancing and making TikToks together, snuggling, enjoying sunsets, receiving love notes, and partying among many other moments. 

In Hannah’s journal, the top ten qualities that she expressed loving about Adam included his confidence, ability to be present, his eyes, perfect teeth, level-headedness, swagger, how he listens to her, how he looks at her, how he always cleans up, and how he helps her slow down. 

Hannah Brown shares a reminder to celebrate the small stuff 

It’s clear the time spent with Adam means a lot to Hannah based on the moments captured in her video and journal, and the most-followed Bachelorette further elaborated on her appreciation in her caption. 

Hannah captioned her Valentine’s Day post, “I think it is so important to recognize and celebrate the seemingly minuscule attributes of our partners that mean so much, but are often taken for granted. What makes a relationship work is often not expensive gifts and insta-worthy events. It’s the simple. It’s the silly. It’s the little moments that remind you why you choose to love that person every day.”

Hannah concluded the caption by writing, “To my sweetie, Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m so grateful for how you love me. Thank you all the little moments!” 

Adam Woolard professes his love for Hannah Brown 

Adam also took to social media to gush about Hannah Brown on the special holiday. 

In Adam’s post, he shared a smiley photo with Hannah as well as some silly photos to highlight how their relationship started and how it’s currently going. 

Adam captioned the post, “I love you more every single day. I always knew I’d find someone who would match my weird. Not everyone can say that they are completely themselves with their significant other…I’m glad I can. Thank you for being you.” 

Fortunately, it seems all is well in Hannah and Adam’s relationship. 

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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2 years ago

Happy you found a good guy and he’s handsome too