Hannah Brown criticizes the women on The Bachelor on her Instagram

Hannah B
Hannah B talks about not appearing on The Bachelor this week. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown didn’t appear on Episode 3 of The Bachelor last night, marking her first absence on this season. She had previously dominated the storyline of this season, as the other women felt threatened by her return to the show.

But her absence on the show didn’t stop her from commenting on it. She took to Instagram Stories last night, revealing she was watching the show.

“I have words — but I’m not going to say them,” she said on the show, rolling her eyes.

“So, I’m watching this show, a bunch of girls, being crazy,” she said, adding, “Is that how you handle conflict? I guess not, just me.”

Only a few women have brought up Hannah to Peter, telling him that they understood why he felt he needed to talk to Hannah and close that chapter before moving on.

Hannah then asked her followers if she should do an Instagram Live after the show or during a commercial break because she was feeling like it. She never returned to Instagram Stories or her feed.

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown talked The Bachelor on Instagram last night. Pic credit: @hannahbrown/Instagram

As viewers recall, Hannah had an emotional conversation with Peter during Episode 1 and 2, but Peter chose to send her home, ending the relationship.

She contemplated coming on the show to compete for him after the two talked about what it would have been like if she had picked him.

Watch their emotional conversation below.

Hannah has previously talked about her presence on The Bachelor. Just last week, she joked on Twitter that she was a controversial subject, as she watched the other women mention that they didn’t want her around Peter.

If that wasn’t enough, she tweeted yesterday that her Mondays continue to be traumatic.

Even though she wasn’t on The Bachelor, she did receive what she calls willy-wiener pictures from random numbers.

As for Hannah and Peter’s love story, it appears to be over.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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