Hannah Ann Sluss wants this woman to be first The Golden Bachelorette star but doesn’t think it’ll happen

Hannah Ann Sluss from The Bachelor in a selfie
Hannah Ann Sluss weighs in on a possible The Golden Bacehlorette season and who should star in it. Pic credit: @hannahann/Instagram

At this point, if The Golden Bachelorette doesn’t happen, producers will have some explaining to do.

Seemingly everyone wants to see the woman-led seniors spinoff with The Golden Bachelor executive producers weighing in as well as host Jesse Palmer.

The Golden Bachelorette still hasn’t been greenlit but it seems like it’ll happen any day now.

When it is officially announced, we expect to hear which women will be the first lead as well — and there are several women from The Golden Bachelor who would make a great star for the first season.

Now, The Bachelor winner Hannah Ann Sluss is sharing her thoughts on The Golden Bachelorette.

She has one woman she wants to see take the lead spot and even shared why. Then, she shared why she thinks it might not happen.

The Bachelor winner weighs in on who should be The Golden Bachelorette star

Hannah Ann Sluss is a big The Golden Bachelor fan and shared that she started watching after her friends gushed about the Gerry Turner-led season.

Now, she’s all invested in the Bachelor Nation spinoff and she’s speaking out about how she wants The Golden Bachelorette to happen and who she wants to be the star.

Hannah told the US Sun that she “would love it to be Leslie, just because I know her and I’m rooting for her love story.”

While Leslie is the runner-up and a huge fan favorite, she shared why she doesn’t think Leslie will be the producers’ choice, saying they like to “throw you for a loop and they won’t use someone on the past season.”

Hannah explained, “I know in the past with The Bachelor, they brought out some other people or one of the bachelors who no one knew, no one was invested… or haven’t seen their heartbreak.”

Hannah Ann is rooting for Theresa and Gerry to stay married forever

Even though Hannah Ann is a big fan of Leslie Fhima, she’s on board with Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner’s upcoming wedding.

“The drama is definitely different because just they’re in a different phase of life, but for me, the dating and the love aspect of it came across very genuine and sincere,” Hannah said of The Golden Bachelor cast.

“And it kind of gave you a newfound hope that these couples could actually last.”

When it comes to giving advice to the happy couple, Hannah Ann said they should just “take it day by day.”

The Golden Bachelor wedding airs live on Thursday, January 4 at 8/7c on ABC.

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