Hailey Malles addresses backlash for Lace comments on Bachelor in Paradise premiere

Hailey Malles and Lace Morris
Hailey Malles addresses her comments from the premiere episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @haileyluhoo/Instagram and @lacemorris3/Instagram

All’s fair in love and Paradise — except when it comes to contestant Hailey Malles clearing her name after using some choice words about Lace Morris.

During the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, viewers were re-introduced to Hailey Malles, who was sent home on Night 1 during Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.

On the other end, fans were also re-introduced to the memorable former “villain” of Ben Higgins’ season, Lace Morris.

As most of the girls on this season were previously seen on Clayton and Matt James’ seasons, many of the contestants didn’t exactly know who Lace was when she first entered the beach.

After she arrived, a clip from Hailey’s confessional was shown where she stated, “I’m all for like, alumni showing up to the beach and everything, but, six years? Girl come on, you’re done here. You have no place,” in regards to Lace.

After receiving online backlash, Hailey decided to first address her words on Twitter by writing, “How is y’all spreading hate on the internet any better? It’s a TV SHOW. We joke around in our ITMs. Lace and I are chill. Please stop blowing it out of proportion.”

Tweet about Lace situation
Pic credit: @HaileyMalles/Twitter

Hailey Malles addresses her comments on Lace Morris during Bachelor in Paradise premiere

Hailey also took to Instagram to address her words about Lace with a photo of the two alongside fellow BIP contestants Andrew Spencer and Jacob Rapini, hanging out in the Paradise pool.

After joking about playing the game “sharks and minnows” with her cast members, Hailey brought light to the situation by saying that she has no animosity towards Lace.

“And no, there’s no beef with Lace. Anyone who’s been on the show knows that we just be messing around half the time in ITMs,” Hailey wrote.

She continued, “The irony of an irrelevant night-oner having this commentary about Bach Nation royalty was meant to be comical and lighthearted. Unfortunately my sassy humor didn’t translate well, because as we all know, nobody knows me (or my joking tone).”

Fans support Hailey Malles after Lace comments

Although Hailey may have gotten some negative reactions from her initial comments, fans have also chimed in to back her up regarding how her confessional was shown.

“People read to much into things. It’s called editing lol [laughing emoji] i have watched these shows long enough to even know this,” one user responded to Hailey on Twitter.

Another user wrote, “Crazy how evryone is on your case but no one cared about what Johnny or Jacob said.”

Replies to Hailey's tweets
Pic credit: @HaileyMalles/Twitter

Others replied with encouragement for Hailey, such as “they need to lighten up. ily don’t listen to them” and “team hailsss.”

Now with Bachelor in Paradise airing two nights a week, viewers have twice the amount of drama to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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